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Cheapest place to get Keyless entry

There are numerous dealers who do a big mail order business because they discount - places like Gunn Acura, A&H Motorsport, Hoehn Acura, etc. They should all be listed in the Company Directory of the FAQ.

Or, you can get friendly with the folks in the parts department of your local dealer. If you give them your business you may find that they're willing to match the mail order prices (typically 20-25 percent off list).
Originally posted by TitaniumVtec:
I wouldn't think you had any other option but the dealer. Spend a little more and get a nice alarm that opens the doors and trunk.

Do you even have the factory keyless entry? Well, I do and it is crap! It only lock and unlocks the doors. Does not open the trunk and does not make any audible or visual indication of being armed or disarmed! Unless the dealer botched the install, it is the worst system I have ever used!

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Coincidentally, the bill for a keyless entry module is sitting on my desk. I spent 367.70 in 1995 for the keyless module and the remotes (all one package). I got it, mail order, from Marty Sussman LTD Inc. (I seem to recall that they were located in PA).