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Chicago GoKarting meet - February 7th - K1 Speed Buffalo Grove

28 December 2008
Chicago, IL
Chicago GoKarting meet - February 28th - K1 Speed Buffalo Grove

Happy new year everyone!

It's cold again and the cars are out of sight so why don't we go Go Karting again?

Sunday, February 28th at 4pm
301 Hastings Drive, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
<nobr style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 16px;">(847) 941-9400

Everyone is welcome, I hope to see you there!
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Out for the 6th also.
If more respond and cannot make it, I am available last 2 weekends in January.
Uh...I am still driving...all over the midwest. I hope to Indiana again next Tuesday (if no snow)...so I am still "karting"... :)

Seriously, thanks Paul. I will see what my schedule says and revert.
See you all on the 28th!
Sorry all but I'm not going to make it Sunday. Have a good time!
With the way the weather has been going, looks like I will see you on the streets in a month!
I am out. Am dealing with the aftermath of a challenging part install. Ugh. Need to tap out a thread inside the front rail. Not happy about it either.
Good meet, everyone! Thanks for the fun and thanks to the guys who passed me (which was essentially everyone) for being patient with this novice. I was surprised at how tiring it is to drive around the course! Looking forward to our upcoming events.
Thank you for the video, Ed!

I also had a great time, we should do this more often!

Sorry I couldn't make it guys. The wife and I were busy signing papers for a new house, which wasn't planned really. So that was fun!
Next time. It's going to get warm soon right?
Ladies and gents...Paul has been kind enough to set these meets up but no doubt he would appreciate just showing up instead. If you all are interested, I will put something together (sort of a drive-in or drive-to) for the spring. To that end, if you would send me a PM with your contact info, I will circulate an event idea email and go from there. Sorry to hijack, but would like to be helpful and supportive if I can.