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child safety?

6 June 2003
Angleton, Texas
Just sold my 1991 nsx and am looking for a 1995 and up nsx. Question my fiance had was that her and I will want kids in the future and I will more than likely take care of our kid when we have one. The thing i was concerned about is child safety. I live in TX and have been told you can have a child seat in a 2 seater if it does not have an airbag in passenger seat. Then I also hear that you can turn off the passenger airbag ( with a key) if a child is iin the front seat. But when I called the police department they said it was illigal to turn it off. Now why does this not make sense? My fiance wants me to have an NSX again because she knows I miss it and she is an awesome woman for letting me have this. Please let me know what you guys think or if you have done this before with a baby seat in an NSX.