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Collectors of Comptech Merchandise "licence plate frames"

15 March 2006
So show your Neighbors and Friends the True POWER of your NSX with the Comptech name that says it all. I Just put ONE above my desk and now my paperwork does itself :rolleyes:

Before and after dyno's have proved that this does nothing for HP or Torque but I think it just scares the NSX into going faster :confused:

You might see these on the "ANTIQUES ROADSHOW" soon on PBS :biggrin: A true COLLECTORS item :eek:

Original and in NEW condition with 4 tabs count them 4 TABS on the back sides for NO irritating rattle :tongue:

For the LOW low price of $29.99 shipped to your door "UPS" in the lower 48 states. If you buy 2 or more the other frames are only $22.99 each.

Damn PayPal taken all the Money :mad:

Seriously Guys/Gals I have a few of these and don't know if they are going to make any more :frown: I will package them well W/ bubble wrap and Box.

E-Mail: [email protected]
PayPal: [email protected]

Re: Collectors of Comptech Merchandise "license plate frames"

Scorp yours shipped today :smile:
Payment Sent !!!
All shipped Please check your PayPal for tracking numbers.

Thanks you for the business :biggrin:

AND I still have MORE