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Colorado 2020 End of the Season Cruise - October 17th 2020

19 January 2018
Colorado Springs, CO
For those of you that haven't put your car to bed for the season just yet I'd like to do one more cruise before the weather turns to shit. My fingers are crossed we still have this unseasonably warm weather for another two weeks so this can happen. I know we will be too late for the fall colors but I promise I'll plan better next year.
Per consensus we will roll out at 9am so those that have to travel don't have to be up THAT early.

I'd like to break the drive up into 2 parts so those that can't do the whole thing have a good place to break off and those that can't make it until the second half still have a great drive to look forward to.

We will leave from the same place as our season opener, Lot F at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

Hwy 6 from Golden to I-70W. On I-70W for 8 miles then take Hwy 40 North all the way through Empire, up through Winter Park then through Granby over to Kremmling. In Kremmling take Hwy 9 South to Silverthorne/Dillon and stop for lunch. We will probably stop a couple of times for pictures and stop in either Granby or Kremmling to relieve ourselves of the morning coffee. Figure this portion will take about 3.5 hours give or take a few. This should get us to a lunch spot between 12:30-1p


Depart from lunch around 2pm.

Part 2:
From Dillon we'll head south to Swan Mountain Rd and take that around Lake Dillon. Then we'll take Hwy 9 south to Fairplay. From there we'll take 285 North to Grant. At Grant we'll cut back and take Guanella Pass to Georgetown to conclude the drive.


Yes it's a long drive, that's why I'm breaking it up into two parts because I understand we all can't commit to a full 6+ hour day.
I hope the weather holds (I will constantly check road conditions next week to be sure everything is clear) and I hope most of you can make it.
Route credit goes 100% to James Buff.

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Great News!! The weather looks like it will be perfect from now until our drive so the drive is ON. All roads are reporting dry conditions with no moisture in the forecast. The lunch spot is still being determined so I'll post that tomorrow so if you can only make the second half of the event you can meet us there.
Hope to see many of you tomorrow even if it's only for Part 1 or Part 2 or for the full drive.

Lunch is at Red Mountain Grill in Silverthorne, Co. If you're meeting us there for Part 2 of the drive get there around 12:30p if you want to eat and at least by 1:30pm to leave for the second half of the drive.