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Colored Concepts Powder Coating CELEBRATION

26 August 2008
New Jersey
Everything is on the NSXprime facebook page for pics of the shop, the whole shop build is on that fb page. For those who are not on that page...

Ok guys, time to make it official

I dont consider the shop "open" yet to the general public, but it is all fully functional.

I am also getting married in 2 weeks.

So, on Sunday, September 27, noon time, in celebration of two of the biggest events in my life to date, i am offering FREE (no bullshit) sandblasting to whoever comes to the shop to celebrate these occassions with me and my family.

That day, we are already having a brunch for those who attended my wedding and for those who didnt. I am offering the same thank you to the members of NSXprime. Whats better than free sandblasting and free food?

Interested? PM me