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Comptech Carbon Fiber Air Box

5 May 2017
Comptech Carbon Fiber Air Box w/ Air Filter

Includes the lower portion of the air box, the quarter panel snorkel and air filter. There are a few scratches on the snorkel section that you'll never see once installed. The air box fits all 91-94 cars. Please independently verify fitment if you are buying for a 95-05.

Contact: 832-879-3301

Price: $400 shipped CONUS plus Paypal fees if applicable
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As a history lesson the comptech box when I bought it used the stock cover..I think the carbon top piece came later as an option...
DocJohn is correct, the lower air box, quarter panel snorkel and filter were sold separately from the top half. It's also my understanding that both sections are discontinued. Neither piece is on Comptech's website. I also spoke to Shad from Driving Ambition last year and he confirmed that they are no longer available. The good news is that Euroboutique does manufacture their version of the top piece and it does work with the CT bottom section.
where does the smaller part mount to? i recently purchased the bottom side of the box recently from another member but was unaware of the smaller piece. is it necessary? i have a carbon intake scoop i was planning on running with the carbon lower and upper box.
The smaller CT piece mounts inside the drivers side quarter panel where you carbon scoop goes. This piece is CT version of the DF scoop. The difference between the two is that CT didn't run it all the way down to the quarter panel intake vent because they were worried about water getting sucked into the engine in heavy rain. You can't run both the CT snorkel and your carbon scoop together. The small CT piece is not needed for the setup you're planning on running.