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Comptech Carbon Fiber Airbox

30 October 2004
Las Vegas
Comptech Carbon Fiber Airbox $550 / offer
Excellent condition.
This is the lower half of the airbox assembly only - as shown.
No air filter. Originally this airbox was installed on a 2000 NSX. I never had this airbox installed on my car. I got it as part of a "spare parts" box when I bought some other items from a guy. It was a deal where I had to take it all or nothing, so I bought it "all" and this included the CF airbox. It is in excellent condition. I do not know what the other piece is in the Comptech photo. I do not know if it is required for the bottom section. I know that if it is needed then it can be bought from Comptech directly. I will call and talk with Comptech on Monday and see what they say.

I don't see using this airbox so I will make a heck of a deal to someone that can use it.

I will adjust the price if there is something missing from this bottom assembly
Comptech sells this airbox in 2 separate pieces (lower box and top cover)
List price for lower box is $799


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