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Comptech Style Widebody

12 September 2004
Los Angeles
After months of waiting and waiting, it's finally picture worthy. This is my 93 that is fitted with GTP's Comptech Style Widebody kit (since Comptech doesn't sell it anymore). I can't give you a comparison of how the fitment on this kit is versus the genuine Comptech kit since I have no experience with it, however the bodyshop that finished it did GinaK's car and he tells me it isn't different by much; just a little more fitment issues on this one. This kit is thinner and uses a Carbon Fiber wing with no brake light. I also did the Audi TT gas door per the body shop's recommendation as it allows me to retain my factory gas door lever. The wheels are 18x8.5 front and 19x10.5 rear with 245/35 and 295/30 tires respectively. Fronts rub a little but it can be fixed with some inner fender modification. Aside from that, this car is a blast to drive! Let me know your thoughts!











Some friends came to visit during my little shoot:



wow, that looks really good

*thats hot*
That kit is SWEET!
It keeps the general lines of the origional NSX, but gives it an aggressive style.

Nate in DC
I'm jealous....I need to go widebody too....... :wink: :biggrin:
ooooooooh!! Very nice! :biggrin:
Awesome widebody kit. I've always loved the Comptech look. Only problem I have is with the rear wheel. I think it should be wider (more lip!) and flusher with fender. Otherwise everything is A-OK in my book. =)
That's a very nice looking Supra TT. Your car looks very good. It looks as though the paint on the front bumper and the hood doesn't quite match up (the hood seems to shine much more than the bumper). Anyways, the car looks awesome. How much did the kit cost you?
Volk doesn't make a low enough offset to fit the Comptech Widebody on their forged monoblock wheels therefore I am forced to use the +22 that I have where I need is a -15 or so.
Very clean, and the color is perfect. White car with black top. Mmmmmmm..mmmmmm! Also FYI, I am doing something very similar with my stereo setup. I'm not sure how I will feel about it until it is done, but I will have 2 speakers instead of one in a custom encolsure designed to fit in the same place. Maybe a little gaudy, but the show scene will eat it up.

The wheel sizes just do not work. Sucks because tires and wheels are expensive as all get out. Are you already running spacers or could you use a pair?
The bodykit price is listed on www.importfan.com and cost about $3500 to install which includes all the little extras I did, gas door, grillcraft grills, custom brackets to hold the kit etc etc.

I am not running any spacers on this car and to be perfectly honest, I kind of like it tucked in a bit...
Tewen - It's an Eclipse Audio 10" (p/n SW7304DVP)

Hope that helps.
Gorgeous white widebody! Is that the Top Secret rear diffuser on the green supra? I have been looking for one please tell me where it.
One word...Awesome!! Love the wheel set up (not to much in line with the body which I like). This makes the body look even wider with the wheels a little tuck inside. Don't change anything. Love the colour too.
Totally freakin sick! I love whitew NSX's. This widebody looks super clean, not over the top like most, and it still looks like an NSX(best part). The only thing I would do different is slap a nice phat red H or A, depending on your preference. I think the front is a little bare, JMHO.
Did the body shop blend the rear fascia and side panels? Looks a little different then on the website?

Don't let me know what suburb of chicago you live in, I might sneak your car into my garage? :biggrin:
Again...don't really care for widebody kits on NSX's but yours is another one of the few that looks pretty good. Nice ride. I think I have the same eclipse deck as you. Is that the AVN2454?