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Coolant tank

pm sent

PM sent, I'll take it, just wondering about the sight glass and how that works, if it's included or if it's easy to source so it can just be installed straight in.
I'll take it

Hi Curren - I did say I'll take it a while ago, for the asking price. I PM'd you as well, please let me know if you didn't get it.

but again, I will take it.

thanks - Larry
Yes your account is still considered a "new account" as shown below your name on the left of your comment. Im not sure about a surefire way to getting rid of that but i believe it may be amount of posts you have to pass? i remember seeing an account that joined many years ago that still had the "new account" banner below their name.
Hi Curren, I've been trying to send PMs to you but is unable. Is it because my account is too new?