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CT Zanardi price?

Might be that the owner finally had a true MasterCard epiphany and realized that the true value of a Comptech supercharged Zanardi is "priceless!"

Well, that could have happened... ;-) BTW, was good to see you again at the BBSC demo day.


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Originally posted by ChopsJazz:
Did anyone follow the CT Zanardi that was on ebay? I see that the seller stopped the sale. What happened?

Just another typical E bay auction. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO SELL SOMETHING DO NOT PUT IT ON E BAY. On the other hand if someone wants to AUCTION something then feel free to post an item.
My entire idea of an auction is that both parties are taking a risk on the transaction, this however is not the case with E bay.
I was watching that auction also, it looked very nice. I would have considered bidding if the car was closer and I could have checked it out in person. I'm considering selling my 95 and upgrading to a 97+. That Comptech Zanardi was a good buy at 55k if everything checked out.
A few weeks ago, it failed to meet the reserve at $64,109.-
This is a different seller. It looks to me like the original seller in Winter Park (Orlando) didn't like the way the auction was going - or Mercedes-Benz of Tampa saw an opportunity to make a profit - so the seller in Winter Park sold it to the dealer in Tampa who is now auctioning it.
Well someone used "buy it now" at $69,900. We'll see if they actually follow through on the deal or if it's just back on ebay again in a week.