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#*$@# CTSC tensioner bolt BENT

29 July 2003
Downers Grove, IL
:eek: :redface: While adjusting the belt on my CTSC tonight (tightening the adjuster bolt), I was carefully monitoring the gap. It didn't seem to move much (probably went from 1/2" to 7/16")....When I looked over at the tensioner bolt, it was BENT at a small angle (explaining why the gap wasn't changing). I was able to easily remove it, but I don't want to re-use it. Does anyone know the exact size of this bolt and/or where I could get a new one. I plan on going to Menard's/Home Depot in the afternoon tomorrow to look for one, as well as giving Shad a call at Comptech.

Has this happened to anyone else before? (and yes, the allen nuts were loose, and I easily could twist the belt >90 degrees)

I was tightening it also due to a "chirping" noise coming from the belt area. Chad said it probably was a loose belt.

Any help would be most appreciated, as I was finally going to actually use the NSX this weekend!!!! :biggrin:

I'm not familiar with the CTSC but a bolt is a bolt, right? What grade is the bolt? It's just a matter of taking the bolt to an appropriate hardware store and getting another bolt of equal or greater tensile strength, right?