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CTSC where related to the AC Clutch -AEM

20 February 2008
Can anyone tell me if an AEM with CTSC would negatively impact the ability of the AC clutch to engage the compressor? Does the AEM control the speed and switch for that mechanism?

Any help is appreciated as I am sitting in a dealership feeling fairly violated and as if I should have brought some condoms instead of short-sleeves.

The system functioned perfectly less than 6 weeks ago although it did have a substantial leak which lost pressure in a few days the last charge DID cycle the compressor and get very cold. Only work since was the SC install and now they are trying to blame the blower for "spinning" the ac compressor too fast. Give me a break!!! Master Technician my Arse!
Can you explain a bit what is going on, you are talking about a lot of things in your posts.
We know that you a/c can't spin any fast unless you changed pulleys.
You did do that, you made a bigger motor pulley so that will speed up the a/c compressor.
If you are still running that, did you cause some problems there?
What does the AEM do to your A/C clutch.
Is there a cut out at certain rpm in the program or at certain boost or load?
Have you recovered from the unwanted advances and touching of your dealer?