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Interior Custom carbon kevlar seats, Taitec rails, and matching door panels

22 May 2002
Tucson, AZ, USA
Selling as one unit the major interior pieces out of my NSX for $2499. Not planning on splitting up, since the seats match the door panels. Price does not include shipping. See pics for details explaining the descriptions below.

SEATS: Custom carbon kevlar "Recaros," and by "Recaros" I mean imported from Japan by a reputable import parts dealer who claims they are genuine and came off of a limited production JDM version sports car of some sort. It's been the subject of debate here on NSX Prime in the past, who knows. They are carbon kevlar seats in great shape, custom redone in red leather and stitched alcantara centers with embroidered Recaro logos. Very comfortable, they've been on long road trips with my fat butt sitting in them and no issues. Comes with two pieces of leather that wrap around the lower bolsters to protect the leather from scuffs on every day use. THE BAD: Side bolster on driver's side has minimal wear, passenger seat has a bit of gap at the top of the alcantara panel and you can see behind it, and the two harness holes at the top of the seats have some gaps in the back and isn't the cleanest installation. Condition 8/10. Paid much more than I'm selling them for, but I'm not claiming them as genuine Recaros either.

SEAT RAILS: Taitec seat rails. They've been re-painted and the paint is chipping. Not in the best shape, but fully functional. Not really noticeable when installed, but a detail freak might want to get them re-done. Comes with all hardware including nuts to install OEM seat belt fixtures. Blue knobs on each side lift up and seat slides forward and aft. You may want to re adjust them if you are shorter than about 5'8". Condition 5/10.

DOOR PANELS: Painstakingly completely re-done by Crofton Customs to match the seats and existing interior of the car. Lower part of panel is done to match Silver interior, stitching is white-ish to match the '02+ cars. If you don't have a silver car, it may still look pretty good on your car depending on interior color choice. Otherwise, you can have someone easily re-do the lower section to match your interior and color the stitching black to match the pre-'02 cars. You will have to swap some parts from your existing panels (door inserts, lights, handles, trunk latch button, and driver's side front air AC vent gasket). THE BAD: The bottom tabs on both panels have broken off. You can have them re-made by someone with some epoxy and know-how, or install them without fixing them since the panels sit pretty snug anyways with the door gasket holding them on. I never had any vibration or noise issues with them, and I was running a pretty stiff suspension setup. Comes with door handle inserts. Condition 7/10 due to broken tabs.

As always, PM me with questions. I'm taking a bath on these, the cost of the upholstery job alone is more than I am selling them for. $2499.


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