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Danville, VA Track Event

5 August 2001
Camp Lejune,NC,USA
Who all is planning on attending this track event? I went to the event website to check it out, I guess it is an open class type of event. It will be interesting to see what kind of other cars show up.

Hey Jason I am planning on going up on the 1st for the morning event, is there anyway I could meet you up in Raleigh and follow you up, I ask this only because I will probly get endup getting lost otherwise (Garmin 3+ broke)
Or mabey someone has some directions? Well anyway hope to see you guys up there!
Directions are on their web site at http://www.virclub.com/pages/area_info.htm#Directions

From I-95 from South, take I-40 West to Raleigh to 440 bypass(North) to 70 West to 85 South to 501 North to 57 North to Milton, NC. Take Race Track Road 1.1 mile to VIR main entrance on left.

VIR is great. I haven't been on the track yet, but I stopped by to see friends (with an Integra Type R and a M3) and it looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully you can con somebody into a ride
I won't be there, but plan to be back and on track early next year.

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hmmmm con someone....hmmmmm
Hey bud, I am convoying up with a couple of my buddies (yellow 996 and silver 996 twin turbo). I have to find out from them exactly what the plans are. My brake upgrades didn't make it in from Dali (aggghhhhhh) so I am getting some fresh stock pads and giving it a try. This should be lots of fun...gonna be some neat cars there. (heck, just these three will draw a crowd
)I'll keep you updated.

Sweet, I doubt I could keep up with the crowd your running with, but I will try!

-Seth (USMC)

Multiple directions here. Or just type in Racetrack Road in Milton, NC into Mapquest under driving directions. Be sure to bring a helmet, or hope you will have to bum one because they will not let you out on the track without one. Looking forward to seeing some of you guys.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan

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Good idea, I have a friend with an R1 I will just use his, it dosen't have to be any special type does it? His is DOT 3 approved I sure it will be ok.

-Seth (USMC)