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Difference between NSX-R and NSX?

8 January 2008
I am pretty new here, I have been lurking around for quite some time. Why is it that when I see a NA1 white nsx, it looks very different from a NSX-r?

From a exterior point of view, I see a lower stance, white wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, 02 front end and the nsx-r hood, rear diffuser. I've noticed that the nsx-r top is black just like the older white nsx. Is that pretty much it to the exterior? Any pictures of a comparison would be great. I tried searching but it wouldn't read "nsx-r" for the search function.

well the NSX-R that you are use to seeing are the NA2 NSX-R's. They actually did make a NA1 NSX-R with pop up headlights and everything.

The reason why you see a black roof on the 02 + NSX-R's is because it is a coupe instead of a targa top. They also have slightly lighter wheels, white headlamp housing, the spoiler, the rear diffuser, the under body tray, the ducted hood, chassis bracing, balanced engine internals, non adjustable light weight seats, different suspension, different brakes, and some other weight reduction parts.