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Do you play golf?

5 November 2004
Now that the weather is getting better(MIDWEST), I was just wondering who else is into golfing?

-list your weapons :biggrin:

my setup....I'm a Callaway fan ofcourse....
-Callaway Hawkeyes Tungsten w/ steel shaft & winn grips....(3-SW)
-Callaway Big Bertha ERC II Driver (10degree)
-Callaway Big Bertha 3/5 Wood
-Odyssey 2-ball putter
I'm signed up for lessons at the golf course in Des Plaines off of River Rd. I have 21 more lessons to go :D Where do you usually golf?

Irons 2-PW: Mizuno MP-29's
SW LW: Clevlend 588's
Driver: Snake Eyes
3W: Bertha 3+
Putter: Bobby Grace blade
Here's my lineup even though I've only played once in the past 18 months.

Driver: SMT 455 9* w/Fujikura Vista Tour 70 shaft
Fairway woods: Callaway Steelhead 3+ w/AJ Tech 2950 XKd shaft
Callaway original pre-Warbird Big Bertha 7 wood w/RCH 90 shaft
Irons: 1988 Ping Eye 2 BeCu Square Grooves (12 club set w/matching serial #'s) with factory Ping/Grafalloy graphite shafts
Wedges: same as the irons above
Putter: 1996 Limited Edition Titleist Scotty Cameron Copper Laguna
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When my game was good I used Tommy Armour 855's, but since I now suck these are the clubs I hit with. It's so much easier to only have three clubs to choose. :biggrin:


Driver - Titleist 975J 9° Titanium with Grafalloy Blue stiff shaft

Fairway - Cleveland 13° Titanium with Grafalloy Blue stiff shaft

Irons - 2 thru lob, Titlelist DCI with steel True Temper stiff shafts

Putter - Ping Isopure

Balls - two very large ones and a sleeve of Maxfli Revolution Tour

Longest drive - 309 yds (no wind, no cart path bounce, not a hard fairway and not downhill)

Best nine - 36

Best round - 76
I love to play, but I don't go as often as I would like and there is a course about 5 minutes from home. (note to self: will do more golfing this spring)

Well don't laugh but .....I just use a 7, 9, and a putter through the whole game :tongue: I notice I do a bit better after a few "drinks" too.
I'm a Big Bertha man...(not that it helps me though) :wink:
Well don't laugh but .....I just use a 7, 9, ...
Get rid of the 9 and putter. Go Tin Cup style. Rake and shovels are allowed though. :smile:

Seriously though. Nothing wrong with fewer clubs! One of my favorite golf stories is from an outing I had with a friend and his father, who at the time was ~62. We were waiting on the first tee, waiting for the group in front to clear. There was a group behind us as well, waiting just off the tee. My friend and I over and hear the foresome complaining to one another about "the old man is going to take forever. Look, he only has five clubs, and look at that stupid ass bag he's toting." They were referring to my friends fathers bag (tiny), his lack of equipment, and the fact that we were walking. The father refuses to ride in a cart, as he feels that the game can only be truly enjoyed if walking. Thus, because of his age, he typically takes a very small bag with few clubs. At least for "fun play." A few minutes later the fairway was clear, so we tee off. The following group asks if they might be allowed to go in front of us, and my friends father turns toward them and replies in a gentlmanly fashion, "If any of our group causes your group to be delayed, we will most certainly allow you to play through, AND, the drinks will be on us. We then proceed to tee off. My friend and I were pretty decent players, and they probably knew that because we both sportted butter knives for irons, and we striped our drives down the shoot. "Pops" then tees off. Pulls out his driver and stripes one about 290, dead center. Didn't even see the following group until the 19th hole. They came up and asked how we shot. Pops replies, "70. Not bad for the first time on this course." Conversation ensued, and they then learn that pops has played in 5 of the 6 (at the time) most recent US senior opens, and on the leader board on occasion. Drinks were then on them. :smile:
I love to play, but like most others, I don't play enough.
My lineup. I take what I need depending on the course. My drives need help, so I use forgiving woods and irons. My short game is pretty good.

Irons - Cobra SS (no insert) with Aldila graphite stiff flex (3-PW)
Driver - Taylor Made R580 9.5
Fairway Woods - Taylor Made 200 Steel 5 & 7
SW & LW - Custom golf instructor made
Putter: Ping Bronze O-blade (its old, but its good)
Balls: Maxfli Noodle Long and Soft and Pinnacle
That was my thing until I got into cars! :biggrin:
To go golfing on a really nice course costs a fortune around here.
Fairway Woods: 16 Degree Titleist 975F
21 Degree Titleist 975F

Irons: 3-PW Titleist 990's (oh wait, my husband sold those!) :frown:
3-PW Cleveland TA3's

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Raw 52 Degree
Titleist Vokey Raw 58 Degree

Putter: Ping Isoforce Anser

Golf Balls: Titleist NXT Tour

No driver yet, but the Titleist 905T would be nice!

:wink: Hint, Hint to my husband! :wink:
Driver: Taylor Made R7 TP w/ Speeder 757 X-Stiff
14* rescue: Taylor Made TP w/ Fujikura Bonzai X-Stiff
19* rescue: Taylor Made TP w/ Fujikura Bonzai X-Stiff
3-9: Taylor Made TP w/ Project X 5.8
48*: Taylor Made TOUR Fe2O3 Y-Cutter w/ Prject X 5.8
54* 58*: Taylor Made TOUR Fe2O3 Y-Cutter w/Rifle Spinner 6.5
Putter: Too many to mention, now using Scotty Cameron Circle T Newport 3X Black

Lowest 9: -3
Lowest Round: -1

Now I want to go and play. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Driver: 983k 7.5* with a Harrison pro low launch shaft (315 yd. av.)
Fairway woods: Titleist 980 13*
Irons: Callaway x-14 pro series, gotta get some new irons, Mizuno mp-30 sounds nice
Wedges: Cleveland Gun Metal Gap and Sand
Current Putter: White Hot blade
I can still remember the days before college, when I was good enough to have a scratch handicap. Too bad I got a couple cars a job and 12hrs of school per semester.
I played a season or two but it was just too frustrating waiting for the groups ahead of us. I got three birdies in one round and quit playing. I'll stick to driving ranges, thank you very much.