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Does Disuse Mechanical Cause Deterioration?

16 March 2000
Southern CA, USA
Many of us let our NSX set in the garage collecting dust, waiting for a sunny day to drive. NSX's have very low miles, by and large, if the sales advertisements I see all over the country are any indication. My 95 NSX-T has less than 4,000 original miles and appears to be in mint concours condition. But is there anything important that could be secretly deteriorating from disuse? For example, the timing belt, or other rubberized mechanical parts that are not readily observed. Anyone have experience with this out there? RSVP
Things such as fluids, belts, hoses, bushings and tires deteriorate with time as well as use.

Depending how the car is stored and how infrequently it is driven you can also end up with corrosion in some areas.