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Exterior DOWNFORCE - FRP Front Fenders (+8mm Version)

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20 February 2011
San Jose, CA
$800 + Shipping. Local pickup in NorCal available. [Box will not fit in your NSX though :tongue:]

Ordered in July 2015, these Downforce Front Fenders have sat in my garage since.

These are listed as 1/4" or 8mm wider than stock (depending on your reference, Downforce site says 8mm). You DO NOT need wide-body Rear fenders or other kit to run these. You can have these on an otherwise stock car.

I took both fenders out of the box for examination upon receipt in early August 2015. Then, I put them away. I'm calling that "New-in-Box", as I have the original packaging and neither have ever been installed on the car.

These should be great for you if you are running BBK / wide front rims / 235+ width front tire etc.

I'm selling because I have a baby now... so, yeah.


54" x 8" x 28" box, 14 pounds. (These are the values printed on the label from Downforce when originally shipped to me.)

Shipping varies by quite a bit depending on where you are; please indicate your interest and I will hook you up with a quote based on your ZIP.

[From California to Maryland, as an example, with declared value of $1,000, UPS/FedEx is $130-140.]

[If you are West Coast, On-Trac might be cheaper. I will hunt the lowest rate or remove declared value insurance etc. as you request.]

Thanks for looking! PM if interested,


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