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Drag radial on OEM 16" wheel question.

2 July 2000
Raleigh, NC
Hey guys, I just recieved a set of 245/50/16 Nitto 555r's to put on my stock 16" wheels. However, it seems that the total diameter (top to bottom) is 25.6 inches. Taller than my 19"blitz w/30 series tires. The only other size that Nitto offers in a 555R 16" is a 225/50. My question is, will I gain anything in terms of traction by only running a 225 in the rear if I decided to switch to those? Not to mention that it is only 1" smaller in the diameter. The total diameter will hurt my gearing and I am unsure of the weight of an OEM 16" wheel. Just wondering if any of you guys who have done some drag racing, could offer any opinions. Thanks again.