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Drag Strip opportunity at est-Fest

2 March 2000
Toronto, Canada
Who’s game for some drag?

No … I’m not talking about Dame Edna


or RuPaul


Also not referring to the crazy 7,000+ Hp dragsters either


I’m talking about a unique opportunity for getting you and your NSX on a proper 2 lane, 60 feet wide x 300 foot long paved dragstrip. Yes, we have an opportunity during the Est-Fest track session to rent out the facilities’ dragstrip. It comes complete with a concrete launch pad, a proper electronic Christmas Tree starting device, and each lane is timed independently to 1/1000 of a second.


Since we won’t be running 8.90 seconds or quicker, an engine containment system (also know as engine diapers) are not mandatory. It is all for fun … where the losing car in each contest is not eliminated and can keep going until you have no rubber or clutch left.

Please let the Club know (by responding below) if you’re interested, so we can arrange for this additional activity.

Here are some track facts:
TOP FUEL racer’s best time is 4.615 seconds, at 322.42 MPH (518.88 KPH !!)
NITRO FUNNY CAR’s best time is 4.870 seconds at 306.01 MPH (492.47 KPH)
A stock NSX should be running in the mid teens ...
Let's have some fun


1. Daria
2. Sean
3. Rob
4. Shawn
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Hah! Great post.

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Hah! Great post.
Drag strips is not my thing,.... However, Im sure their are Guys that would like to see what their NSX can do in the 1/4 Mile. Then there are the FI Guys that would really like to see what it's like to use the full power of their Cars in a safe control enviroment.

Sean, we are looking at having the Drag strip run prior to starting the Road course, so no time will be taken away from the Road course action.

This post is trying to gauge whether or not we have enough interest in the Drag strip.

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I'm with Bram -- happy to watch the action on the drag strip but no real interest in putting my clutch in harm's way.

Still Breaking in my new clutch. Need 1000 miles, which I probably won't get by EstFest....
My first choice is the road course. If this won't take away my time from the road course I would love to see what my car can do on the drag strip.
I would like to see what your car can do as well !