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Driver Side Rear Quarter Panel 1993 Red

10 September 2014
Bakersfield, CA - Hedgerley Green, UK
Driver Side Rear Quarter Panel 1993 Red

1993 Driver Side Rear Quarter Panel with fuel filler insert included. Please note this does not come with the cap, just the main fuel filler assembly already installed.
Photo one is so you can see panel is true and fits properly while photo 2 is same panel removed. Comes with all underside mounting brackets as well. You will need any additional clips but you should always replace those anyway. The brackets and fuel filler assemblies would run almost $400 more if purchased new.
I will entertain shipping these at my airline discounted cost via FedEx but these are quite bulky even though they do not weigh much. Therefore I would really prefer a local pickup.

Payment details:
I prefer wire transfers for anything over $1000.00 but I do accept credit cards, debit, and Paypal.
If using a credit card or Paypal, please add 3% to the transaction. If selling to any EU Residents I MUST by law collect VAT if using any electronic forms of payment as I am VAT Registered. (I am really sorry for this).

Shipping details:
I will always prefer to have a local pick-up and a cash transaction in Southern California (10 minutes away from the Ontario airport) but will ship to anywhere in North America or the EU (Including Norway). I will NOT ship to or collect payment from any other region so please do not ask.
Donor vehicle information:
This item is from a Red 1993 Acura NSX. 132,000 miles. I have owned this vehicle for 18 years. Garaged 99% of the time. The only products used on this vehicle are of the following; Mother's, Mobile 1, Purple Power, MeGuiars, Connely leather products, Invisible Glass, and OEM Acura.

List Date: 9/18/2014
Location: Riverside County, CA, United States

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On Sale For: $1,466.88 (Local Pickup Only)