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e-mail to Hoosier

11 January 2001
folks, I just e-mailed the note below to the product managers listed on the hoosier road racing web page ( http://www.hoosiertire.com/rrtire.htm then click product manager in left margin ) . It was a bit of a rant, but I personally would like to see more applicable sizes for the NSX. I would ask anyone who agrees with me to drop them a note! Thanks, Justin


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From: Hall, Justin C
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 1:25 PM
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Subject: NSX fitment


I located your contact information on the Hoosier web site. My track car of choice is my 1998 Acura NSX. I have the desire to club race with the SCCA in the NSX, or at a minimum Solo 1. One of the main things preventing me from pursuing this further is I am tire limited. I am even at a disadvantage out there doing Solo II.........

I have used Hoosier tires in the past, and have been extremely happy with the performance, but you dont have a fitment in the R3S03 that is appropriate for my needs.

I have to run 17/18" wheels to clear my Brembo big brake kit (OEM is 16/17). To maintain correct ratio's front to back I need to be running either a 215/40-17 or 225/35-17 to go along with a 275/35-18 or 285/30-18. You make the rear's, but not the front's!!!! I really could use the 215 or the 225.

I dont think I would be alone here. First of all, there are many NSX owners out there in the same situation. I have also talked with club racers in BMWCCA and PCA that would like the 225/35-17. What could we do to get these sizes into production, and do you guys do any special order sizing?

Much thanks in advance.

Justin Hall
Hi Justin --

two comments:
- why do you need to maintain stock allowable ratios? For track use, I assume you disable TCS.
- why not use the 235/40 tire on the front?

-- Chris


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re: tcs - of course I turn it off, but I usually forget until after the first lap on most tracks. that tight turn before most front straights where you are hammering, I typically feel tcs and go down the front straight cursing trying to reach for the button

235/40 will rub like a mutha. I already tried a 225/45 (~25" tall). 235/40 is about 24.5" tall. I need somthing less than 24" tall. Also I could raise up the front end a bit I guess, but I would rather find the right tire size combination. Assuming others do also, drop Hoosier a note!!!!
What ride height is your car at (I can't remember what suspension you run). I currently run 1.2" drop in front and 1" drop in back approx, and experience little no zero rubbing now with 235/40zr17. The diff is .6" between 225/45zr17 and 235/40zr17, which I think is quite a bit when talking front fender. I had the 225/45s on my car briefly (like 1 mile) before I realized TireRack sent me the wrong size. They rubbed like a mutha as well.

-- Chris


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It's pretty low.... I think about a 1.5-1.75 in the front with ctech springs and koni shocks. I am hesitant to change it because I feel like it is finally set up well. I was at Laguna all weekend, and gave andrie a couple rides and he agreed. I guess we could do a couple open test days at thill......

but I would really like more tire options than have to change my car around so send hoosier a note

in all seriousness, I know you are trying to help me find a solution wiht what is availible today, and I appreciate the feedback.

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Cool, now that I know what suspension setup you have, your approach makes sense. I was under the impression that your setup was height adjustable. Good luck with your inquiry to Hoosier.

-- Chris


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From: Jeff Speer [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 12:02 PM
To: Hall, Justin C
Subject: Re: NSX fitment

Thanks for your email. I do appreciate your suggestion for a smaller 17"
competition radial. At the present time, Hoosier is not planning this size
for next year. We are going to offer three new sizes in our lineup of
competition radials, but not in the 17". I will pass this suggestion on to
our engineers. I would ask you keep in touch with our website to see about
any new size updates. On some occasion, we will offer a new size mid-season.
Once again, thanks for your email.

- Jeff Speer, Product Manager