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Ertefa meet Thursday ??

I'll be going for sure. I'll be taking the nsx and the wife is bringing my Jetta TDI-RS.

Some of us are meeting at La Paloma for 7 and cruising to ertefa at 8-8:30
Won't be making it out this time, but had a good time there last week and should mention it wasn't initial what I expected. But I'd say at least 1000+ cars there with a good mix of cars, and people of all ages. Couple shots from last week please excuse the crappy quality cell phone in darkness pics:

Made it to the 2 lots to the left, didn't make it to the right side, maybe next time:

Gas Pit Stop Me, Tony, a Buddy's Turbo MR2, and Subaru WRX Swap:

Not sure whos car this is?





A Pic I was told to take :wink: :
Looks like I missed this thread and posted pics on the previous meet thread concerning these meets. Last.... Pic... Is.... Awesome. I like those boots too ;)
Anyone going down tonight? Weather permitting I might come down again tonight.
Looks like the meets are dead for now...

Because street racing

Due to some accidents that accrued few weeks ago on hwy7 because of street racing, York region police and the property management is not allowing us to have the meet this Thursday. Anyone who comes out will be trespassing and they have the permission to give you tickets on whatever they see necessary.
We will keep you updated as we hear back from property management and York regional police.
The meet has been canceled until further notice.

I'm in that area regardless at that time so who would interested in meeting at La Paloma around 7:30ish? Should be a nice meet anyway since they hold Italian car show there also
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