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EuroSunday Reno 2008

5 June 2007
EuroSunday Reno 2008
EuroSunday.net A monthly gathering of car enthusiasts.

EuroSunday Reno - EuroSunday is proud to announce our new location in Reno, Nevada. Reno will follow the same format that EuroSunday has become known for. Keep an eye on this thread to find out about about upcoming events and rallies.

We will need volunteers for the events, if you are interesteding helping please contact Adam Cook at [email protected]

BIG EURO EVENT June 13-15th / Track day / Car Show + after party / Poker Rally



EuroSunday is pleased to offer you a Father's Day weekend to you're sure to remember. Join us for the Driven2Drive Weekend in Reno, Nevada June 13-15, 2008. The weekend begins in Roseville, California with an early morning caravan to Reno-Fernley Raceway on Friday, June 13th, where we will attend an SCCA Nationals Race Event and spend some time on the track. On Saturday June 14, there will be a Show and Shine in downtown Reno. We will conclude the weekend with an exclusive buffet lunch at the Edgewood Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe on Father¹s Day, June 15th.

EuroSunday is "Driven to Drive" with a passion to make its events and venues a world class affair. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Driven to Drive Weekend regardless of make or model. We welcome your questions and we hope to see you the weekend of June 13-15, 2008.

Full details of the event can be found here:

Convertibles are allowed on the track without a role cage:
All Euro cars and bikes are welcome:
Clubs are welcome to signup for the events (British car club, BMW club, Ferrari club, etc)
Re: Big Euro event June 13-15th / Track day / Car Show + after party / Poker Rally

If anyone is going to this, I will be racing in my #28 Integra at the Reno Nationals.
Come by and say Hi!
Here are some of the images from this months event. Great showing with a lot of event competition.

See all the event images here: http://eurosunday.net/reno/images.htm

Some of the cars at the event.





Next EuroSunday©: 09/21/2008
Starbucks - 191 Damonte Ranch Pkwy Ste A Reno, NV 89521
8:00am to 10:30am - Show and Shine
Drive and lunch after the event
This is a reminder that EuroSunday is this weekend 9/21/08 at Starbucks - 191 Damonte Ranch Pkwy. The event has been in the local papers and community calendars and should have a great showing. Please spread the word if you can’t make the event in a effort to have the best showing possible. There is only 1 more event in 2008 and will be on October 19th at the Damonte location.


For those who are interested on 9/27 a drive from Sacramento to Tahoe will end at the Harish casino around 11:45 for lunch. If you wish to meet up with the group we encourage you to attend.

This is a reminder to everyone that this coming Sunday 10/19/2008 is the LAST EuroSunday in Reno for 2008.

The event will be at Starbucks
191 Damonte Ranch Pkwy Ste A Reno, NV 89521
8:00am to 10:30am - Show and Shin

**For those who wish to make a drive to Sacramento after the event we will be having the 2nd annual EuroSunday photoshoot at The Aerospace Museum of California.


We have full access to the planes on the tarmac from 10:00am till 5:00pm. However if you are able to arrive early we have indoor access from 7:30-10:00am to the planes in there. Again all cars and bikes are welcome to attend.

!!Please bring your camera to make sure and proof of insurance to enter the tarmac!!!

If you have any questions please email [email protected] / 916-989-9054