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Exhaust tips

Originally posted by HomeDepotNSX:
Actually, I thought 1991-93 were the "Star-Trek" ovals tips, and in 1994+ they went to the single-walled tip? No?


I think you're right.
It was 95, the 94 also had the oval tips which were much better looking than the round ones in my opinion...

Todd Arnold

1991-1994 -- oval tips (with small round outlets) [Battlestar Galactica tips -- OUCH!] -- screw-on tips

1995-2001 -- round 3-1/2 single wall tips (welded on)

2002+ -- round 3-1/2 screw-on tips (resonated?)

In 1995, they also redesigned the muffler unit, for unknown reasons (OBD-II ??). The 95-01 system also weighs 2 pounds less.


seems like the new 02-style tips might replace the old oval rocketship stuff

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