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Faking the funk! Fake JDM merchandise

30 August 2004
I was busy looking up a thin walled socket set for a friend when I came across this site. Always wondered how much profit margin is possible through bootleg JDM items. Now I unfortunately know why so many true JDM companies cannot survive in today's competitive markets without copyright support. Use this as a heads up on what might be boot leg items when you purchase from non reputable sellers.

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I get about 3/4 e-mails a week from companies mainly in China or Taiwan selling fake JDM stuff.

It's a sickening situation, go to any local car show here and it's stuffed with fake bride seats and fake spoon, mugen, nismo and trd, etc.

Not to mention the fake wheels and bad quality replicas.
It's very sad certainly with people that want all the show but now investment/commitment.