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Finstar Exhaust

A friend of mine has the Finstar and he likes it a lot. The car sounds great and makes good power (he runs it with nitrous). It appears to be very well made and the price is certainly right.
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Does your friend have the round tips or the DTM tips(if currently available)? Also, have your friend post a few pics if possible. I am also extremely interested in this exhaust system. You're right about the cost. It is VERY reasonable. I have heard that it is louder that Comptech yet quieter than RM Racing. Sounds like the perfect combination to me. I can't get Dali Racing to reply regarding whether the DTM tips are currently available or not. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.
Chopsjazz'z friend has the first finstar exhaust in the USA. They are made in Germany, and was brought in by ERZ. Now Dali is the distributor. I don't think DTM tips are available yet. The muffler itself is polished to death, and sound very much like Comptech.

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He has the round tips. I mistook them for the Comptech tips when I first saw his car. We both ran at Laguna Seca, which has a 90db or 92db sound level restriction (depending on the event), and neither of us were cited for sound (I have the Comptech exhaust and header). I like the looks and the qualityof the Finstar, but time will tell if it's really a good unit.