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For BBK users my thoughts on ferodo

30 January 2001
I have not been tracking much lately:frown:But have been using the ferodo 2500 pads.For those of you doing some track events but more street miles these are excelent pads.I have found them to have good cold bite ,adequate endurance hot, very little squeal.:smile:I have used both oem and cobalt gt pads in the rear.Now the downside(there is alway a downer) they are dusty and if you are not judicious in your wheel cleaning will leave dremel requiring stains:frown:As a last positive they are quite long lasting.If you decide to use them I ordered the thinnest pad available which fits my old brembo/comptech 12.4 kit best.
Yes, they are good pads for a street/track day car and don't kill discs either. 3000s are much better on track but will kill your discs.
i use them on the fronts with oem calipers and axxis ultimates on the rear. before cobalt friction made all their own stuff, andy suggested this set up for for street/track and it works well, doesn't chew up oem rotors, but my wheels do perpetually look like crap. that's why i painted my track wheels black so it wouldn't show so bad.