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Found wheels:backspacing and weight questions

19 February 2001
Southern California
OK everyone, after an exhaustive search, I may have found some wheels that I like. Sizes are 17x7.5 and 18x10.
Just a few questions. I would like to run 215-40/17 front with 35 mm backspacing, 285-30/18 or 275-35/18 rear with 45 mm backspacing.

1. Anyone have that EXACT tire/wheel size with any problems? This is the only backspacing that is offered for these wheels(NSX specific fitment).

2. What are the weights of the factory 16/17 combo?
(The wheels I want weigh F 26 lbs./R 29 lbs. and the tires weigh F 21 lbs./R 30 lbs.)

3. The tires are F23.8 / R25.6 or 24.8 inches tall. Stock is F23.6 / R24.8 inches tall, so TCS should not be affected, right?

4. If the wheels are close to stock in weights, shouldn't the performance be the same? or better with more tire on the ground?

Thanks in advance, John

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They sound very heavy to me. I thought the stock wheels were 15.4 and 17.6 pounds F/R.
By contrast, Volk TE37 in similar sizes (17x7.5 and 18x9.5) would weigh about 15.2 and 17.0 F/R, slightly lighter than stock.

And don't forget the added rolling resistance on the super-wide rears, also significant. And my favorite topic, cornering balance. You are asking for massive understeer.
If there is understeer, can't you change sway bars? That was going to be the first thing I was going to change anyway(too much body roll for me). Any suggestions on which type, style? Ilya, SpeedDemon and Sam. I know you're out there!
The tire sizes you listed are ok for those wheels, especially due to the fact that 225's are very rare now.

See this page for my suggestions: http://www.scienceofspeed.com/products/exterior_performance_products/recommended_tires/

It would be optimal to purchase sway bars (my favorite brand in Dali Racing, especially the 'race' grade bars) and decrease the rolling resistance in the rear (increase rear bar stiffness).

The wheels that you mentioned are on the heavy side, however, you should know that the TE37 is an unfair comparison, as they are lighter than some magnesium wheels.

If they look good to you, they are probably worth it!

-- Chris


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Originally posted by ScienceofSpeed:
... you should know that the TE37 is an unfair comparison, as they are lighter than some magnesium wheels.

True, I intentionally selected the lightest of the light as a best-case scenario, but there is still plenty of room in between. If you consider weight a significant factor then you might look around a bit more. BTW, what wheels are you considering?

As for balance, yes, you can adjust with bars but the end result is not exactly the same as starting better balanced. On the other hand, I can’t say that the combination you propose isn’t better given the significant rear weight bias of the car. But, if the front tires define the limit of adhesion, then making the rears wider and compensating with more rear bar seems unproductive or even counterproductive except for esthetics. (which is fine if that’s a goal)