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Friday Night Chat

Heh, I thought about this earlier since I got home early but knew it was Friday not Sunday. Just saw the thread, no one home :p.
Sorry, I had to go to bed early last night due to having to work today, which is where I am right now.
Maybe we can Chat tonight(Saturday)? The wife is out of town and I will be bored at home probably.
She is coming back tomorrow so I KNOW I won't be bored then.:biggrin:
I am going to suggest to NSX Admin' a particular chat-software that shows who is actually in chat w/o the other person entering chat. For example, on the main forums page of 'Prime, there would be a small bar at the top that says" "currently in chat". I think that would make chatting on 'Prime a lot more spontaneous and perhaps more people would engage throughout the day, any day - any time! :cool:

Oh, this is the actual program...

Flash Chat v4.7.12

This is what would appear at the top of the main forums page (www.nsxprime.com/forums)...
User CP__FAQ__Members List__Live CHAT___Calendar___New Posts__Search__Quick Links__Log Out
Members currently using chat: 1

The most chatters online in one day was 1, 06-07-2008.

good idea.
and also to have the flash come on when someone talks in it and they dont have that page up, so people will know someone is talking in there.

Perhaps a simple way to implement osiris_x11's idea would be to modify the site's footer (or header or template) to include the chat info page. It gives the basic stats on chat and is pretty simple to include in all pages by inserting some HTML like this: