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Front and Rear Brembo GT Big Brake Kit with optional parking brake


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15 February 2010

Thanks for all of the interest, these sold quickly

Thanks for looking,

Listing a complete front and rear Brembo big brake kit along with the optional parking brake. This is the 328mm kit sold by Science of Speed among others. The kit (with parking brake) lists for over $7,000. I purchased this kit used from another forum member and ended up not using it due to my wheel offset. The kit is in very good condition with minor paint chips on the calipers themselves. I was quoted $30 per caliper to have them refinished in any color and will gladly do this at the purchasers expense if you'd like.

Rotors are in good condition with minimal wear and no cracks/chips. I'm including the original pads which are at approximately 70% along with a brand new set of front/rear street pads. The kit also includes the necessary braided brake lines, all mounting brackets and associated hardware making a truly bolt-in application. I'm asking $3000 plus shipping for everything which is a lot less than I paid in February. This is by far the cheapest you'll find a full set used and is definitely worth the money. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

(please note the left rotor isn't cracked, just some streaking after cleaning)

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