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Front left corner of trunk lid not flush with left fender/body

29 June 2012
Hi all,

Bought an 1991 NSX a while back and there's an imperfection that I'd like to sort out if possible.

The front left corner of the trunk lid sits a tad lower (1/16" or so) than the neighboring body panel (left rear fender). This also means that when opening and closing the trunk lid the front left corner of the lid moves dangerously close to the left edge of the black plastic air scoop (they don't touch, but there's virtually no margin).

As far as I can tell the trunk lid itself is not bent or out of shape, and the same goes for the left rear fender.

I've checked the Acura NSX 1991 service manual and I can't find anything there on how to make this particular adjustment for the trunk lid. The manual explains how to adjust the trunk lid in a front-back and left-right orientation, as well as how to heighten and lower the rear edge of the trunk lid to make it flush with the body. But I can't find anything on how to heighten/lower the front edge of the trunk lid.... And I can't find anything on how to remove or adjust the rear fender.

I'm grateful for any help you can give me.

Richard in Sweden
Are your rubber trunk hinge stoppers (part number 74826-SL0-000) still where they should be? If the trunk hinge stoppers are in place (one on each side), you can raise and lower the leading edge of the trunk adding or removing trunk hinge shims (part number 90508-SL0-000).
Thank you for the tip!
The rubber stopper did (part of) the trick.



I will purchase a couple of trunk hinge shims as well, per your recommendation, and see if I can get it just perfect.