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12 March 2008
Sombody know how install the front STABILIZER BAR ? I upgrade to nsxr swaybar

I need to take off the battery holder or no? please help


thanks a lot i figure out after and also with battery older off its ain in ass :)
I installed the Type R front swaybar and chassis bars earlier this year.

Like you, I had little trouble in taking out the original sway bar but after that I could simply not figure out how to get the new sway bar in.
So, YES, I finally simply removed the complete battery tray and things installed just fine.
Don't need to remove it. Jack the car up off the ground, both sides to let the front wheels hang. Remove ALL bolts on the battery tray under the car and the one above the spare tire EXCEPT, leave the 2 bolts on the battery tray at the very back of it very lose. It'll give you the few inches gap you'll need at the tray towards the front of the car. Oh and remove the spare tire.

I do this way because I don't want to disconnect my battery and have to put all the settings back into my stereo.
Thanks Finaly this afternoon i did i removed the undertray battery and was easy The R bar was more easy to put the the oem bars