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FS: 1993 White/Blk NSX 69k miles Vin#JH4NA1156PT000630

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13 June 2002
Plano, TX
I'm helping out a friend in selling this white 1993 NSX VIN#JH4NA1156PT000630 ~69k miles. Currently it's on ebay with a starting price of $26k with NO RESERVE.



Here is the ebay link:



It has come to our attention that there are scammers attempting to sell this car on other auction sites. I think there are 18 auctions on yahoo using his pictures/vin/description. This ebay auction is the true car.

From the ebay listing:

Vehicle Description

OK Guys..... based on email response, I posted a picture of the main page of my CARFAX report. When you email me, include your fax number if you want me to send the entire report.

Likewise, if you want a copy of Timing Belt/water Pump Service receipt, etc. whatever receipt or mod descrption you want.

I will try to send stuff out nightly when I get to home office. I can do short mpg videos of car walk around or any areas you have interest in and email to you.

Send me your actual email address if you want additional pics or video.

I recommend you review the info provided as lot's of questions are answered there.

According to emails, I have provided too much info and lot's of people are asking for a list of mods as they get confused by end of description.... so here you go.. (this doesn't speak well for our public school system:)

1. Vented Carbon Fiber JGTC hood

2. Zanardi Suspension

3. J Spec Transmission and Ring/Pinion

4. 17/17 Tecnomagnesio NSX Wheels, custom powder coated & Honda matching centercaps. Also has two new Falken 451 Betas for rear that are extra and two spare front Falkens with 90% tread.

5. Lightweight Carbonate rear hatch and carbon fiber duct.

6. Ron Davis Aluminum Racing Radiator with built in oil cooler and billet custom shroud & cooling fan.

7. Gruppe M Carbon Side Ducts

8. Carbon Fiber Gas Filler surround and billet gas cap

9. Comptech Hedders

10 Taitec Lightweight Exhaust

11. Taitec Cat Bypass Pipes

12. Giant Brembo front Calipers and rotors, custom hats. Rear drilled slotted rotors, stainless brake lines all around. Not installed but included, brake ducting kit and duct hose. Also, 2 new Brembo large cast drilled rotors and pads.

13. Racing Tow hook on front

14. RM Racing bolt in Harness bar and 2 CROW harness's., Dali Racing camera mount on bar with SONY 8, video Cam.

15. MOMO Competition Leather Steering Wheel, NSXR horn button and hub.

16. Large Capacity Oil Pan

17. Taitec Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

18. Carbon Fiber front chin spoiler

19. Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser

20. 3 Billet Oil Catch Cans

21. Custom Intercooler with cryo system (Billet stand/Bottle, remote opener)

22. Custom front billet tray with billet Optima Battery Holder and Red Top Battery....plus, one brand new Red Top battery and Schuey Battery Trickle charger.

23. Stainless Grounding system and stainless hoses used throughout, over 1000$ in AN fittings and hoses.

24, Carbon Fiber Interior trim

25. MOMO Carbon Kevlar racing seat with bolt in seat tracking to OEM location.

26. Billet shifter

27. GOLEN Billet fuel filter with stainless hose from gas tank to fuel injection rails.

28. Billet Alt cover

29. Carbon Intake Plate

30. Dali front and rear street/track sways

Misc. other bits and pieces.....

The car can be driven anywhere, don't be afraid to drive this car across country. Keep in mind it has a lot of stuff that goes with it like spare set of tires, hood, spoiler, rear window glass and several boxes. THIS WILL NOT FIT IN THE NSX :)

Lastly, there is NO BUY IT NOW, THIS IS AN AUCTION with no reserve, high bidder will take this car, That's why the car is priced right. NO I WILL NOT SELL MODS OFF THE CAR.

Again, if only one bidder @ $26K, that's what the car will sell for. If no bids are recieved by end of auction date, that's it. Car will not be re-listed and I will not respond to any after auction emails.

Ask all questions before bidding. If you are high bidder, you will be expected to pay for the car.

Back to regular programming....

I probably have over $25K invested in mods in this NSX. All you have to do is look at all the pic's, then go to the top NSX aftermarket sites (SOS/DALI) and see what those parts sell for.

I worked very hard on this NSX and don't want to pull all these mods off, put the OEM parts back on and sell it as a stocker more or less.

If you buy it, you can do it if you want to. I have the OEM hood, OEM spoiler, OEM side skirts & OEM Rear Window & hatch, OEM engine compartment cover as well as OEM Seat Belts.

In a nutshell, it's a very well maintained NSX with less the 10K miles on new clutch, Jspec tranny, Ron Davis Custom Radiator & Acura Timing Belt/water pump service. Air blows Ice cold.

While it may not look the part, it has been adult owned and driven all it's life by an avid NSX supporter active in the NSX club out of Dallas.


In the late 90's, I bought a newer NSX and decided to turn this White 1993 NSX into a car to have fun with at car club driving events and car shows. I have a track only NSX so this car has not seen much in the way of tracks but I did drive it for my wife's charity in the "Car & Driver Cannonball One Lap of America" in 2002. That's 11 track events with 3 laps at each track so in reality that's not much in the way of racing...although we did get a mention in Car & Driver.

Additionally, this NSX has brought home trophy's and/or cash at every car show it attended including Hot Import Nights from Texas to Florida.

I had numerous sponsors use this White 93 NSX at trade shows dressed up in their decals to attract attention to their product lines..

I don't want to play all the EBAY games of starting an auction at a low price and setting a reserve thats high.

I will not sell this car for less then $26K so that is simply what I am starting the bidding at with no reserve. If you are the only bidder @ 26K$, you are getting a great deal.

Crappy high mileage, no history, no records NSX go for that much...

I will not accept any bids if you have less then 10 positive transactions or if you have any Negative Feedbacks and will cancel your bid unless you email me first.

No auto dealers or EBAY scam artist!

I did not post my car tag license number due to EBAY scammers.

I have a copy of my last (April 05) CARFAX which is clean and will email or fax you once I determine you are legitimate bidder.

If you're a member of the NSXCA email and I'll send copies of receipts, Carfax..whatever you need.


The car is in great shape. Most of the local Dallas NSX guys take their car to Curtis @ Goodson Acura for stuff like clutch's, etc. I am willing to take the car to him or he may just come to my house since he knows the car and did the clutch and stuff on it to check it out for you. Brent Cobb of NSX club fame is local and will check it out for you as well. Both know the car.

New clutch, water pump, BASCH assembled J-Spec short gears and pinion, timing belt and A/c service all less then 10K miles ago.

CV boots replaced about 3 years ago.

Has many perks from my sponsors that go with this NSX such as New additional Optima battery (Red Top) and trickle charger, Extra set Falken Beta 451 rear tires (new) and front set with 90%+ rubber. The car has decent rubber on it now as well although tires should be the least of your worries when buying a car.

Car has always been garage kept and has cover as well.

EXTERIOR & Paint (see pic's)

Note: I have 4 box's of OEM stuff, everything I have OEM goes with the car.

The paint overall is good & shiny, the front bumper cover gets most of the little rock chips and I touch them up with Acura touch up paint. I just got a new CF front chin spoiler so it still looks like new...no chips or scratches. I re-badged the Acura logos with the HONDA logo on the front bumper and rear. The Wheels have HONDA center caps.

I had the roof top re-painted black about 3 years ago, no damage...just swirl marks or scratches.

The side ducts are carbon fiber, I have the OEM white ones if you choose to stick them back on.

The red tow hook on front is can be removed and the OEM tow hook cover can be placed on the opening.

The gas door is carbon fiber and locks, the actual cap is the same ones from MaC F1. I have original if you want to put back on.

The side skirts are vented as opposed to OEM. I have the OEM if you want to put back on.

The rear spoiler is carbon Fiber with custom billet mounts on CF. I have the OEM rear spoiler if you want to replace.

The rear hatch is a lightweight carbonate hatch with a carbon fiber duct to ingest air from top of car to cool engine compartment and charge air. I have the OEM window glass hatch if you want to replace. There is also an OEM engine cover that goes on top of the engine area if you want to re-install it..

I have a rear carbon fiber diffuser/undertray system (see pic) that has about a 4" clearence. If you look at the pic's (rear of car no diffuser) you will see 3 each, black aircraft connectors that protrude from rear lower black exhaust cover. These are the quick connection points for installing/removing the rear diffuser. Takes about 5 minutes. These connectors are removable and 3 dime size black car plugs insert in the holes.

I have never been involved in an accident in this NSX but did have a lady in pickup truck back into my rear bumper in parking lot. It scratched my rear bumper cover so I took it to Acura Dealer and had them check out the bumper supports and re-paint the rear bumper...I have paperwork on this as well.

If I didn't tell you, you would not know by looking at it.

The only other item on the car is on passenger door...you can't tell by looking at pictures...you would need to run your hand over the area. Car & Driver used cheap quality decals which were on the passenger and drivers door for a week. When we removed the decals after the event, it pulled a little piece of the clear coat off the passenger side door. You don't notice it much as the it didn't pull any paint off, just clear coat.

There is also a small hairline crack in the front carbon fiber hood where a model at the car show dropped something on it.....Yes..I did shoot her :cool:.....I have the white OEM hood in perfect shape if you want to put that back on as well...very simple.

Since I identified any issues in this section, let me tell you that the electric antenna goes up sometimes and sometimes nada. NSX antennas suck...I had 2-3 NSX's at a given time and all the antennas were noisy or problematic...but it's a cheap fix...I just leave mine down and use the CD..you may want to upgrade or replace it with another brand.

INTERIOR (see pic's)

The interior is pretty clean. I don't have kids and few people have been in my NSX other then me, just people getting their pic's taken behind the wheel at carshows.

The steering wheel is a momo with NSX-R horn button. I have the OEM steering wheel in a box with airbag if you want to replace. The MOMO wheel has 3 red buttons below it which activate the horn, cruise and cruise set.

The interior has the Carbon Fiber trim piece kit. I took the OEM phone out but it's in a box if you want to re-install..I just use my cell. Nice shifter as well...I have OEM shifter as well.

There is a bolt-in RM Racing Harness Bar with 5 point CROW camlock belts. I have the OEM seatbelts in a box, also, new trim pieces if you want to remove the harness bar...these are prized harness bars and not available any longer.

Harness bar has camera mount and video camera which go with car....

Zanardi Mats, carpet in good shape...seats don't really show the normal bolster wear. I have (see pic) a nice MOMO Kevlar carbon fiber seat with track mount that was installed for shows that goes with car. It simply bolts to OEM seat location.

I had the Bose sound system checked out and they fixed one amp or something...all works fine now...additionally, I had them rebuild the OEM CD changer in trunk several years ago as well.

The car didn't come with remote entry so I had that added about 8 or 9 years ago and it works fine.


I have 17"'s front and 17 "'s rear TECNOMAGNESIO custom powder coated wheels with matching OEM Honda badges. I told you about tires already. The front brakes are huge Brembos (Porsche 996TT) rotors and calipers with slotted/drilled rear rotors.

AP racing brake fluid and stainless hoses all around.

I have a new set of large Brembo Rotors and pads that also go with this car.

Car has less then 10K miles on a new ZANARDI suspension and Dali Street/Track sways.

I have a set of custom brake ducts and duct hose that I have not installed that go as well.


I have Comptech Hedders, Taitec Exhaust (Lightweight) and Taitec bypass pipes. Exhaust sounds great...I don't have my Catalytic Convertors on this car and no longer have the OEM cats.

I replaced my O2 sensors when I put my hedders on about 5 years ago.


There is an aluminum undertray installed (see pic) where the OEM spare tire mounted. The undertray supports a custom billet Optima battery holder. The OEM radiator has been replaced with a Ron Davis custom radiator and shroud with fan. The radiator also houses AN connectors and stainless hoses to connect up to it's remote oil cooler built in the radiator.

I don't use the oil cooler since I have the extra large capacity oil pan installed and don't track the car.

I have the OEM spare tire with a special spacer to fit on bigger brakes and the spare tire mount if you want to convert back.


I could be here all day typing about each hose and fitting but basically here's the scoop.

In Late 2001, I was preparing to run the "One Lap of America". A friend, who shall remain nameless, was not able to get me his new supercharger package in time. I on the other hand was able to get the intercooler, blow off valve, oil catch cans - 3 of them, one for front/rear and breather for Blow off valve as well as stainless fuel line from tank to new billet fuel filter.

Additionally, I plumbed in stainless hose a CRYO system to cool down the incoming charge air, run counter-current through an exchange block to cool the incoming fuel and discharge out over the intercooler.

What this amounts to without a supercharger is a +2,000$ air filter for a normal aspirated engine :cool:

The cryo system uses a NOS tank which is included mounted to a billet bracket....this all goes with the car...

It is pretty easy to unbolt the Intercooler bracket and remove it as I have a K&N filter that connects to the intake to replace all the other set up.

At any rate, the timing belt service has been done, new water pump during service, valves adjusted, new fuel filter and K&N air filter all less then 10K miles ago.

You can strap on a Supercharger and plumb it up to existing system...ditto on turbo or just drive it as it is.

The Clutch was done by Curtis at Goodson Acura less then 10K Miles ago.

I probably missed a bunch of stuff but I do have a book that houses my window sticker, maintenance receipts and mods and stuff I bought through the years.

Buyer is responsible for ship fee to get the car to them. Ditto on the 3-4 boxes of OEM parts plus hood, hatch, tires.

Buyer responsible for all taxes and licensing fees per his state requirements.

I have the clear title with me.

I do not accept PAYPAL.

Winning bidder must contact me within 24 hours of auction ending.

Certified funds or Bank wire transfer. No Checks.

non refundable $500 deposit within 3 days of auction end.

Contact your financial institution and confirm if they will finance a 1993 NSX before bidding..not after.

I reserve the right to end the auction early as it is for sale locally as well.

I will do my best to assist winning bidder with getting their car to it's new home as well as the spare parts that are included.

THIS IS A 1993 car, there is no warranty, I cancelled my extended warranty from non use in the late 90's. It is sold as is, where is with no warranty implied. I do not have every single nut and bolt that was taken off this car but do have most of it and what I have goes with this NSX.

I will not part out anything....

Good Luck Bidding! It's a great show stopping car that will run many many more miles before needing anything.
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