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FS: 1999 NSX Zanardi #47 JH4NA2121XT000174

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31 May 2004
Seattle, WA (previously SE MI)
SOLD: 1999 NSX Zanardi #47 JH4NA2121XT000174


If you have been looking for a special NSX, I’m offering my Zanardi up for sale.

There were only 50 Zanardi Editions issued in 1999.

"The Zanardi Edition is for those who want to really experience the performance aspect of the NSX. Lighter weight, Type-S suspension, no power steering, etc. gives you tremendous feel for the road. Alcantara inserts keep you glued to the seat. Yet this is the easiest car I've ever driven in traffic. A spirited drive on the back roads is a must in any NSX, especially so in a Zanardi."

Vehicle Details:
* Vehicle Location: SE Michigan
* Sale price: $51,000
* Zanardi #47 out of 50
* Miles: 23,8xx (as of 5/10/05), 24,2xx (as of 8/20/05)
* VIN#: JH4NA2121XT000174
* Carfax available upon request.
* Stock vehicle but items deviated: PIAA superwhite bulbs, has LoJack installed, and Michelin Sport Tires with plenty of tread left (7/32" front and 8/32" rear)
* Service Records: Have documentation serviced by Acura and I've had it serviced by their Acura Master Technician @ Suburban Acura. For example, the motor oil, manual transmission oil, and coolant are all changed recently.
* 3rd Owner
* Zaino treated
* Shell V-Power Supreme Gas Only
* Have two programmed keys that is the black color, 1 valet, and 1 reprogramming key
* Have the owners manual, original vehicle sticker tag, Zanardi pamphlet, other NSX and Zanardi collection items too
* Have a carfax completed before and after purchase of the vehicle to show the updated information on my purchase
* 6-disc CD changer
* Zanardi floor and trunk mats
* The prior owner has had repainting done on front nose (11/2002) -> he also had someone special do this type of work. I have the receipt for this work.
* Minor scratches along the rim edges (it is minor and can be easily repaired. The scratches were known before I purchased the car and the best time to perform the repair on the rims is when the tires are ready to be changed out.
* Additional pics of the vehicle can be sent to a specified e-mail address.

This vehicle is only driven on ideal road conditions - only driven when it's sunny and the roads are dry (thank goodness to dopler and internet technology). When taking the car out, I am also careful to drive on well paved and make sure to park in areas that are safer (avoiding trees, light posts, etc.)

I've also been very meticulous about who services the car. I interviewed several technicians in the area before going with Mike at Suburban Acura who is the dealers most senior technician and experienced with the NSXs in the SE Michigan area. Before storing the car for the winter, I've drained and refilled the tank with clean Mobil 1 motor oil. When taking it out for a new driving season, I perform another oil/filter change reducing the amount of corrosive elements in the engine during the winter months.
The car also is rolled around in the garage to keep the tires from building flat spots ...

The battery is also tended to keep a safe amount of charge when it is not driven for an extended period of time.

As you can see, there is so much to tell about this Zanardi ...

If you are interested, feel free to give me a PM or call. I'm afraid I do not drive this car enough (I only plan to put 1-2k miles per year on this car) and I'm in the middle of working out a international job assignment for 2 yrs in Japan. If this car goes to a good home, I would be okay.

Richard Lo
SOLD (home #, Eastern Standard Time Zone)


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