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FS: Buzz subwoofer box

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5 April 2004
I paid nearly $600 to have this custom box made. It has been repaired for a broken trim ring and some air leaks. I also put tee nuts in it for the standard 10" baskets.

I can't vouch for the quality of the box. There is some flex and still are some small leaks. It works pretty well with the Earthquake SWS subwoofer which I will include. It's carpeted and will fit with a little bit of work. You need to remove all the subwoofer mounting brackets and move the EPS computer if you have a 95+ or an automatic. When properly pushed back in, the carpet will need a few cuts to fit back over it and your existing floormat will still fit nicely.

The box itself I paid almost $600 for. It comes with the grill which I removed the restrictive box carpet from. I will also throw in the Earthquake SWS subwoofer which carries a 5 year warranty and is one of the few subwoofers that will work in this box. The box measures .4 cubic feet.

Your price, $225 with sub + shipping. I will not make any false claims about it, this box is not of the highest quality. The fiberglass work is mediocre and I want to throw this thing off a high place. But, if you want a subwoofer box and don't want to shell out a lot of money to get a decent performing system, then this is a very good deal. I think it will hold together now and provide you with good bass. Over 50,000 customers have been satisfied by this vendor. Possibly over 80,000 by now. I'm taking a big loss here, so there is no negotiation on the price.
Not open for further replies.