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FS/FT 1991 black 300zx TT IL

4 May 2005
Hey, I'm looking to trade my black 1991 300zx tt 5 spd. My Z has 123k chassis miles 33k miles on a engine bought from an engine dealer and 4k miles on the rebuild of that engine. My car basically has alll basic performance upgrades short of a radiator, and water injection. The car has no rust at all. The exterior is probably a 7.5-8 out of 10. Mainly because i rear ended my idiot friend at about 5mph and there's a little scratch ont eh front bumper that I notice but other ppl don't. The car has a clean title and has always been garaged. I have all the receipts and if the original engine is not sold, it will come with that also. Car should have very close to 400 rwhp/ 400 rwtq. I just got brand new tires that have barely worn down the factory coating also.

Looking for trades, must be RWD!

Nismo 555 injectors
JWT Eprom 555
ARC intake
Brullen exhaust
Greg Dupree down pipes
Greg Dupree test pipes
Greg Dupree Subframe spacers
COZ strut bar
Aluminum driveshaft
Profec B boost controller
Apexi Boost Gauge
HKS type 1 TT
All Around TT Rear Wheels 16*8.5"
"Custom" Grounding Kit
RPS MAX Clutch W/ Street Disc
RPS Lightened Flywheel
SS clutch line
chromoly pivot ball
custom tig-welded hardpipes from japan
Nismo Radiator cap
Nismo thermostat
Stillen Intercoolers
Stillen intercooler ducts
120k maintenance
new pcv valves
new coolant lines (including turbo coolant lines)
Spl bronze shifter bushings
Autometer water temp gauge
Kenwood head unit
Kenwood speakers
Grex shift knob
"Woody75" Short shifter
Predator hood
Brand New Potenza Re 750 245/45/16 all around
Always Mobile synthetic 10w30
CC bypassed
Aftermarket Overflow tank

Hood has stress cracks in paint only
small dent in front bumper
Spoiler has small cracks (happens to all Z's since the spoiler is foam)
Small hole in driver's side seat. (size of dime in teh rear "buttocks" section)
Turbos are leaking, seals are going bad, but it holds 18psi to redline just fine
(Or possibly could be really bad blow by, can't tell, it's on/off)
Clutch fork is broken (will get it fixed asap when i get back from college)

Other than those the car idles perfect and is a dream to drive.

Receipts will add up to about alittle over 19k, i'm at college and don't ahve them in front of me. No i have not raced this car, it has been babied, 99% of the time i shift at 2.5k rpm.

Great 1991, didn't have the 1990 "soft valves" and has aluminum calipers instead of iron.

I am selling the car because i will not have the money for my motor build/machine fees/ etc for a long time i realize and I do not want to stop modifying it. There is redline shockproof in the transmission and redline gear oil in the gears. Oil was always changed every 3 months, i was never able to hit 3k miles in 3 months. I've only put maybe 3k miles since i've had it. This car is very fast and has alot of money put into it. As of right now the clutch fork is broken and that will get dealt with, it's just a simple drop the tranny and swap the new part in. Please let me know what you have. I am in the north suburbs of chicago. I realy don't want to put more miles on the car by driving it really far out. Let me know what you have. This car has been meticulously maintained. Thank you


pics are located here


Or will sell outright for 14k obo w/o stillen intercoolers and optional stillen ducts.