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FS HRE 547R 18x8, 19x10.5 highly polished awesome shape

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13 November 2003
Farmington Hills, Michigan
*Note in title thread, as I cannot edit the title but the rear rims are 19x10.5 as stated below the 19x10 in the title is incorrect.

Up for sale is a set of HRE 547R in highly polished (NO CLEARCOAT) in 18x8 ET 39 and 19x10.5 ET 47. Currently they have Bridgestone SO3’s 225/35/18 F and 285/30/19 R. Tread life I would say maybe one more driving season on them but if you drive you NSX all year maybe ½ season but I guess it depends on how you drive your car.

Wheel condition: I would rate them 9/10 with no curb rash of any kind. There is 1 tiny stone ding on the lip of the passenger front wheel (see pic). One of the front wheels (I cannot remember which one w/o pulling them off the car) has a ever so slight bend to the inner barrel. TBH I totally forgot about it since it does not affect the tire, the ride, etc. We think it happened a long time ago just before we got the current tires and the guy installing the tires noticed it and pointed it out to us. We all were not surprised considering Michigan roads but it has no effect on tire balancing, the balance of the wheel, the tire holding air, no affect at all which is a good thing. No wonder I forgot about it. I wanted to disclose this so there are no surprises for the buyer. Other than that the wheels have a normal wear to them but when they are all polished up they look amazing!

Tire condition: Tread life, like I stated above. There is one tire plug due to a nail a few years back but no issues w/it.

Offsets/fitment: We had decided to but Bilsteins (7/8” drop all around) and set them on the lower perch well after we bought the wheels but noticed an issue w/ the inside of the rear tires barely hitting the perch due to Bilsteins having a larger perch then OEM or coilovers so we ran a 5MM spacer to clear it so the pics on the car have the spacer installed. The 10.5 was never an issue w/oem setup as the offsets were made for an NSX so if you decided to lower the car on just Bilsteins it would require a 5MM spacer, oem setup nothing needed, lowered on coilovers or just springs should be fine unless you slam it then I do not know. I know some of you like to tinker with your ride height so I would leave that up to you. Other than that the wheels/tires are nice and flush and look perfect. We hate to see these wheels go but we need and different look, just time to move on.

Wheels alone cost $8K new 6-7 years ago and considering the condition we are looking to get $4,000 OBO. We will take serious offers and are willing to negotiate. I will take Paypal but buyer would have to pay the PP fee or I can take money order/cashiers check. I will ship @ buyers expense most likely UPS or FedEx and I would accept local pickup as well. Thanks for looking and you can PM me anytime or email me direct at [email protected] anytime, I will get back to you same day usually. I work from home so I am always around to answer questions, etc.

*Please note if we come to a deal it may take around 5 weeks to arrange payment and shipping/pickup. We are going to order new wheels but it is contingent on selling these first and new wheels are a 4 week lead time and then we have to have tires mounted and some suspension work done so most likely around 6 weeks out from making a deal. I would need a firm commitment on a deal because the last thing I would want is to make a verbal deal, us order new wheels and 2 weeks in the buyer backs out and then we are left in a lurch. So maybe a small deposit can be made to certify the buyer is serious, etc. These terms of course will be discussed with the buyer at that time.

Screen shot of wheel specs from HRE:

Wheel shots:






Small ding:

Front tires: Yeah I know I put the penny in the wrong way but you get the idea.

Rear tire shot:

EDIT....2 mroe photos of front rims.

Additional small nick on lip due to a stone chip, etc. Can't do much about the damn roads. This is on the same wheel as the other chip as well.

Drivers front rim, it looks worse than it is on this photo but no doubt it could be buffed/polished out. Not sure how this happened but it looks to be another are due to stones, road debris. Can barely fee lit with your finger nail. Cannot do much against this stuff since the car is driven all the time this time of year and the roads are full of crud and I want everything disclosed as much as possible so there are no surprises.

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Bump to the top. Note two new pics and price drop to $3000 OBO. Thank you
TTT, price reduction to $2750 OBO. Thanks guys........
Sold. Thanks again prime
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