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FX500 pictures

19 January 2005
if anyone has pictures of the FX500 (engine compartment, and inside console with gauges, and the whole car itself.) please post :smile: :smile:
MANNN!!! That is sick!! looks awsome and no one knows whats under the hood, even better. Any sound clips of it just ideling? what HP are u pushing out of that?

Would love to see more videos of the FX in action, other then the 2 of the drag runs in NV.. I am in the process of getting my funds together for the car and the FX500, soon will be part of the FX CLUB!

I been in the room getting second hand smoke from the " go fast crack pipe"
you guys better keep that on the downlow before the DEA gets word lol...

this site is making new addicts everday lol

Keep the FX alive!!

Please post more pictures, vids, audios, ect....