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GA: Dawn Run IV

3 August 2009
-Videos are on the bottom of the info-

<Date> August, 5 2012
<Day> Sunday
<Rendezvous Time> ####
<Location> ######

-Beautiful Sunday morning dawns upon us not with oh so sweet bird chirps, rather automotive gods clearing their throats through tail pipes as we culture the local streets.

-A invitation only private run to enjoy the crisp morning while we disturb the early morning calmness and dry the morning dew off with "Speed & Mischief".

-We are in our 4th Dawn Run after having 3 successful ones over last year and half. Each run gets better as we are joined by regular attendees and new ones.

-Run starts from Point A to Point B, non stop. Not a race, just a run to enjoy company of other enthusiasts and see some very impressive cars in action at the same time. We believe in burning some 93 octane rather than look at cars parked in a parking lot the whole time. Run ends with a get together of all the attendees and other local enthusiasts.

-The Run will end at C & O.

-Space is LIMITED. TIME, LOCATION, & ROUTE will only to be disclosed to registered attendees.

To Register:
-1. Email [email protected]
A. Full name, Make/Model/Picture of vehicle you will be bringing
B. Number of passengers, and contact numbers
-2. Wait for return email with registration paperwork.
-3. Fill out Paperwork, email it back, send in registration fee
-4. Event details will be emailed back few days prior to the run.

-Registration fee is $30 Per Person
-Pre-Run Snacks & Coffee will be provided to all the attendees, covered under the registration fee.