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Garage Parking guides

16 July 2002
Bay Area CA
(I relocated this from the middle of a thread in the detailing forum - I was inspired to respond after seeing some hanging tennis balls. However, I thought it was more appropriate here)

If you have a small-ish or cramped garage & could use a device for accurate stopping position, there are now a lot of alternatives to the tennis ball on a string "device"
(I have to laugh - Genie even has an "automated" retractable tennis ball on a string!)
Most of these devices today are unobtrusive, and only "on" for a short duration during & shortly-after parking - and generaly inexpensive, too!

Here's a few suggestions for laser, infrared & ultrasonic parking guides:






Many, many on-line options to buy these devices, mostly at < $30.
Good wright up, I didn't know about these things.
It should help my wife to stop running into my tool box. :mad:

Dave Hardy said:
... I can place my front bumper within an inch of a wall without hitting it, but I've never thought of this as a gift.
Good for you - these links were placed here for those who might find it useful, not for those who don't need it.
These are the kind of replies that just get so tiresome on 'Prime these days.
I personally would like to have a ranging and docking system (for front, sides and rear) similar to what NASA has used in various spacecraft... :D
There are other reasons that could be involved than simply the ability (or lack of) to drive an enthusiast car - wives; girlfriends; younger or inexperienced drivers in the family; large SUV type vehicles where one can't see the bottom of the bumper; low-lying "stuff" in one's garage that is not in the best line-of-sight while parking; where every single available inch of space is required; etc, etc

Again (as I mentioned in the opening post of the thread) the reason I linked these was a picture on this very site of an NSX no less with two tennis balls dangling onto the windshield, so it apparently is not limited to those examples above. I just felt that if someone does have a use for such a device there are more modern unobtrusive conveniences available.
I added one a few months ago. There is a picture in my gallery.
I wasn't worried about hitting the wall.
I wanted to park at exactly the same distance every time so I could easily open the hood to access the charger connection and make sure my wife has no chance of hitting the car with the other vehicle.
Works really well for about $20. I you are in the garage much it eats batteries pretty quickly, but my model came with an adapter. I think it is called part smart.