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Gel batteries

18 February 2002
Austin, Texas
My battery is approx 6-7 years old now, and I'm in the market to buy a new one.

One of my audiophile friends suggested I consider looking at gel batteries. (I searched and didn't find any threads about this.) Supposedly gel batteries are reknown to be among the best for cars.

Now I know the majority of you non-OEM battery people swear by the Black Panther/Odyssey models, but what have you heard about these gel types? Any advantages or disadvantages? Should I even bother or just follow the herd and get an Odyssey?

BTW - my NSX is my daily driver. So it never just sits for long periods of time.

'96 Black/Tan NSX-T

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I have the Optima Gel Battery in my T bucket and the charge hold long. The Odessey battery in the nsx discharge every three day. I just installed an onboard battery charger/maintainer from sears for $28. After driving the nsx, I just walk up to the right front bumper and plug in the extension cord. Both battery are anti-corrosive. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I like the fact the oddessey is only 14# in the nsx. You know lose some weight.
Originally posted by Andrie Hartanto:
That is a great price. Does the price include the automobile terminals? Cause motorcycle terminals are different.

Not really sure what you mean by motorcycle terminals. The battery came with round 4mm allen head bolts that screwed almost flush into the horizontal top plane of the battery. It was a little different than the lead "ears" the OEM battery came with but was easily modified.
Link to website with a small picture of it: http://www.recoverygear.com/batteries2wheel.html
Your best bet is to pick one up along with a billet aluminum mounting kit from Dali Racing. I use a 545 model and have no problems unless I don't start the car for more than 6-7 days.

Thanks to everyone for the replies.

I think I'm going with the Optima battery line. The whole deep cycle thing with the Odyssey batteries doesn't appeal to me and I don't want to mess with a tender.

The slight weight advantage of the Odyssey's doesn't make up for the hassle to just start your car. (I'm not the speed-racer type).

'96 Black/Tan NSX-T
Originally posted by Andrie Hartanto:
I have the Odyssey 680 in my car. It doesn't discharge after 3 days. In fact, I just left my car for 8 days and it start without any problem. OC YMMV

Discharge after 8 days? I thought only Porsche 928s do that. I'm sure hoping this "honda" will keep a charge like any other car.. or is that not so?

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