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Gen 1 technician referral NJ Shore/Central NJ.

10 April 2023
Purchased 1995 NSXT from Davis Acura (Longhorn, Pa) in 1998 (off lease). Owned ever since. Other than a few warranty items addressed by Bernie (now retired) at Davis, I’ve performed all maintenance and upgrades. I now have a clunking noise coming from the passenger front wheel that I cannot isolate. There is a noise followed by a minor shimmy. Nothing is loose; swaybar, shock mounts, tie rods etc and nothing is missing. I’m looking to have a new set of eye look at the car.
I’ve been on this site numerous times over the years and always found what I needed. Thx in advance!
Thx for the tip. I just located and fixed the issue. I installed Comptech swaybars years ago that shifted a very small amount. These swaybays and most aftermarket swaybays have tighter tolerances. Took it off, cleaned it and the bushings, regreased it and recentered the bar. I do appreciate your feedback, knowing that there are other options. You may see me driving around the NJ shore, I live in Ship Bottom.


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I use GT like many others. Kun the owner is THE BEST!