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Get black now or wait for silver

When you touch up the chips, do NOT try to 'blend them in'. When you use touch up, use a model brush and just 'fill' the chipped area; don't let it get on top of the good paint around it. By the way, I agree with you in not painting the whole nose. I also have a black/ivory and the chips do show up more. However, I am lucky to only have a few. After you touch up, wait a few days and use Zaino Bros. polishing kit. This stuff is amazing, especially for black.
When I was shopping for my second NSX, I looked at a black with amazingly well maintained paint finish. I was looking for the usual wear and tear and notice how clean the nose piece was. Then he told me that he has a guy that does the repair for him.

I think he told me that the guy air-brushed all the pinhead size chips after smoothing out the surface. After polishing and waxing it, it was virtually unnoticable.
All you guys are missing the point!!!!!! I've been watching this for a couple of days now and finally have to let all of you know THAT THERE IS NOT A WRONG COLOR for the NSX!!! The car looks good in all colors the really neat thing I've noticed is Silver (especially the new 2000's) is that you notice different lines that are hidden on a Black NSX, But Black brings out different lines, along with red,yellow,white, blue, purple etc.

Hiroshima, if your worried about swirl marks there is a product called "Liquid Ebony" works great on Black Cars, See me at our next meeting, for the rest of you that don't like swirl marks(myself included) try a professional auto paint supply house. For heavier swirl marks 3M makes a product called "Pink & Glaze" works good best applied with a machine, but the Liquid Ebony is best applied by hand and not recommended for power buffers.

P.S. Mine is Black/Ivory
Another thing I meant to say, and none of us wants this to happen but it does, if you should get into a fender bender, Black is the easiest color to repair, while silver is the hardest, or any metallic for that matter.
Solid colors(ie no metallic flake) will always be easier to match, the good thing about NSX black is that it is pure black, so if you had really bad chips in the front you should be able to repaint just the front portion. It is always better to paint the whole car but sometimes that just doesn't happen for various reasons.
Oddly enough I was in a similar situation. I was able to immediately pick up a black NSX but then decided to hold off to find either a silver or white one. 2 years later I found my silver one in upstate NY. As they say patience is a virtue and to tell you the truth, i'm glad that I waited.
I will be using it as a daily driver, of course my commute will be less then 5 miles to work. It will be kept i the garage too. I guess i am just wondering if anyone else has gone through this decision and what you guys who own either think.

Not to change the subject, and I am by no means an expert on engines; but be very cautious on those very short commutes. I have read several articles on the damages that result from 'cold', short trips. I don't have any articles in front of me, but you may want to research the subject. Personally, I notice a very huge difference in the SOUND and 'FEEL' of my NSX when its being driven within the 1st 10-15min. vs' being driven after 35-40 minutes!
Wow......This may possibly be the oldest thread I've ever seen revived. 6 1/2 years old.
I own a berlina black but will admit that it was my second choice for color, after sebring silver. (My personal preference is towards non-bright colors, although the early red cars with black top look very nice.) The early sebring silver cars with the black top (adding later-model polished 7-spoke oem wheels) just look right, in my opinion. I went ahead and got the black because it was an automatic and was available. If I hadn't bought the black car then, something would probably have come up while I was waiting and I wouldn't have gotten an NSX at all. I went ahead and bought it before I talked myself out of it and ended up without an NSX.

The berlina black color soaks up all the light shining on it and hides the sculpted details of the car. It is a b***h to keep clean and really only looks great immediately after it is washed or at night. A black car that is driven regularly will show every little scratch, swirl mark, and rock chip. Even though I park in a condo parking garage at home, I drive my car way too much to keep it clean enough to always look great. I do not plan on buying another black automobile again, ever. Sebring silver is just the opposite. It shows the details of the car, is probably the easiest color to keep looking clean, and hides those little scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips. To me, silver is always the right color choice for a car. It looks elegant but is very practical. I can't think of any car that doesn't look better in silver.

After a couple of years of owning my black car I ran across a nice silver automatic for sale in another state and almost bought the silver and put my black car up for sale. That is how much I like the silver. I can't believe that Honda replaced sebring silver with brooklands green. In the end, I decided that since I had ironed out most of the issues (coil packs, leaking cam plugs, bose stereo, rear glass and trunk struts, non-retracting antenna, etc.) that usually affect these cars, I would keep my black car and be happy. It is still a sharp-looking car overall, runs great, and is a pleasure to own, plus it is paid for.

Ultimately, I would recommend that you hold out for the right sebring silver car. If you really admire the sebring silver, as I do, it will be worth the wait. You won't be totally satisfied if you settle for your second choice.

As my closing argument, I submit the following photo. Drop-dead gorgeous. To my taste, THE most beautiful car ever made, period. Just looking at the picture increases my heart rate and makes my palms sweaty. I haven't had that kind of reaction to a car since my Dad said no to the red and black Dodge Challenger when I was fifteen...

It is as true today as it was in 2000 when this question was first posted.


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