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Get ready for summer lads . CCU units need checking

2 August 2007
Queensland Australia
Just repaired a few units and the damage from capacitors is horrific. Not advertising prime but helping the NSX community in Aus. Based on what I just seen get your CCU boards done soon before another heatwave like February, while I’ve got a test bed setup, track memory in my head and capacitors in stock. I make jack from this! But satisfying to keep the cars we love in perfect operational order .
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So happy we have local people able to fix stuff for the cars we love.

I can vouch for SweetChuck, fixed mine 5 years ago, still going strong!!!
How much are you charging to repair boards? I have a spare board with the display not working. Vents and fans work from memory just no display.

Won’t put prices on here but about the same price for labour but faster cheaper shipping than sending to the US .

I already know where your fault is . An invisible track under an IC that the caps eat .

Only embarrassing problem I’ve ever had doing these was 2 units sent to me at same time and I mixed up the control panels ��. So I have a habit now of marking every component before disassembly
Thanks Ricky, as you know, I have just had mine done so I am not in a position to confirm the longevity of the repair. What I can say is that it works perfectly and it was a prompt and professional turnaround with great communication along the way.

If anybody does need their Climate Control Unit repaired, I am not aware of anybody else who does this in Australia. From my experience and in view of the fact Ricky came highly recommended to me, I am more than happy to endorse his work.
Thanks for that . Electronics has been my trade for 20 years . So longevity is assured .
As far as I know there are only 2 people in the world who do this . Me and Briank

Also can fix other modules too Like SRS or BOSE etc . I hate BOSE tho as parts are hard to find . But I’ll re cap them no problem and tune them up !

Head units too
I highly vouch for Ricky, he fixed my CCU, tested it and best of all, did not require me to send it overseas.

I can't recommend his skills enough.