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Good Repaint for $7500ish...

2 May 2002
Ft. Lewis, WA

So, I'm almost done with my deployment, and am thinking about picking up a decent 91.

I would like to get it painted blue (either Monaco or Long Beach... still up in the air). I'm in SoCal, but for the right price and quality work (I realize these usually vary inversely with each other) I might consider traveling to a neighboring state.

Anyway, I have read on the forums that a good paint job can be had in the $7500 ballpark. So if I pay that much, does that mean that they will make the car look like blue was the original factory color (i.e. spray all the nuts and bolts under the bonnet and door sills and such?

Who runs the best paint shop in SoCal? AZ? NV? OR? WA? I have read about some shops on the east coast, but not sure if I'm willing to go that far...
So if I pay that much, does that mean that they will make the car look like blue was the original factory color (i.e. spray all the nuts and bolts under the bonnet and door sills and such?
A full re-paint with color change could require partial disassembly to "do it right" - including taking out the motor. If the donor car is some neutral (or complementary) color like silver or gunmetal gray, it might be OK.

Are you sticking with a OE color (US or JDM) or going with something different ? Maybe custom Chromalusion ?
The problem is not matter how much you pay, unless you strip it to the shell and paint it and reassemble the car, you pretty much are always going to have or see something of the original paint. Usually its not as bad if you go from a Silver to a Lighter Grey, etc... because your in the same family of colors...
If you haven't picked up the car already, I would pick up a black NSX. Otherwise, the motor would have to be pulled to paint the firewall etc...pain and $$. I was very happy with the work from MV Designz in Santa Ana, CA. They will paint the panels off the car to get the nooks/crannies. Do a search and you will find others are happy too.

If you already have the car and want it to be a different color then yea, you're going to pay for it.

Otherwise, if it's already blue, ship it over to me here in TX and I can polish out the paint to perfection and do any touch up on chips for like $2,000 and you it will look better then new and still be origional so it will hold it value better....

Sometime all an old car needs is a thorough buffing and polishing to make the paint perfect again.

You'd be surprised with a skilled detailer can accomplish with old paint.

Check my website gallery before and afters to see what I'm talking about. www.ottmanndetailing.com

I had blkevil do mine for about that, Dallas TX. Took the car apart and repainted it Rio yellow. Left underhood and engine bay black, and most people think it is the original paint.
Naaman have you thought this through? I will refrain from my usual blue bashing but $7500 is a lot of money. You can almost supercharge the car for that much. You can get a set of killer brakes and a great suspension. You can get wheels, tires, an R hood, and an exhaust.

You are lowering a car's value by repainting it too. No matter how good.

When are you getting out of there anyway?
Prices are not that HIGH in Atlanta. I have had a Lexus IS and 645 painted back stock colors after wreck.....neither add up to 7500....and most think the car shines more then when it was new....Maybe its not stock nor would it last for 6 years, BUt I dont plan to have that long and I keep all my cars in a garage.....
FOr what you are asking on a full repaint I would contact Ravi with umbrella auto design.

I had mine done else where before hand and found there to be to many defects and sand scratches, under a flourescent light the buff swirls showed clearly. I fixed that but ended up having to have the car redone because of the lack of care. Picking a reliable reputable shop is the problem in most cases (communication and buisness etiquette. Any painter can butter the bread but depending on how well the spread turns is another story. The end result of a superior paint is the labor done before the paint is laid and after the paint in the final color sanding and finish.

7500 is in the ball park.

A good detailer as mentioned above would be the ideal part. This as mentioned above can turn you onto another path to upgrades. Many spider web scratches and rock chips can be taken care of to keep the cars original factory paint.

Dont you own a blue one already?

Why not just find another blue?

If you're going with a OEM color why don't just look out for one than taking the risk and money?
I don't think they made older blue models. That's why he is asking. He wants a 91 but blue.
Keep in mind, if shop A. charges you $7500, and shop B. charges $7000, it does not mean shop A. will do a better job. Basically, find a super duper reputable shop when shelling out that much money.
Thanks for all the repsonses.

The reason I'm asking is because I would like a blue NSX, but the only model-years that come in that color are still too pricey for me to pay for all at once (I would prefer LBB, but Monaco is also nice). However, if I'm going to pay thousands of dollars, I don't want the car looking like it was "painted blue." If I can't have an absolutely emmaculte paint job, then I'll just stick with the factory color (unless it's red... ugh). Most likely, my car will be either Black or Silver (factory).

In case it's not clear, the pic in my avatar is not my car (I wish it was).

As for the poster who asked how much money I'm making out here... not much, actually, but enough to completely wipe out all of my debt, and free up my income for "new" stuff. One thing I learned growing up being (very) poor is that how much money you have has more to do with how you spend it than how you make it. You'd be surprised how many people come back from deployment totally broke and with nothing to show for it.

Anyway, yeah: I'm trying to gague the cost of (what I would consider) a perfect paint job. I plan to do all kinds of things to the car to make it "mine." Painting it is one of those things... though it may not be the first thing I do. Once I have the car, I don't intend to sell it ever, even if I "upgrade" to something in the future.
Well... I hear you... but I still think $7500 is better spent on other mods. I would get a color I like from the factory.

I mean just think about how much of a better/newer NSX you can get with an extra 8K.
Too true. The only thing is that most likely, I will only be able to afford to buy from a private party (taking out a loan with the bank or some such), so I will not be able to actually afford to throw down an extra $8000 right away. It would be more like this:

Save up ~$5000, take out loan to buy the car (put $5,000 toward loan right off the bat, or just take out a smaller loan). Then save up another few grand for some kind of mod (I have this thing with magnesium wheels). Once that's had, then save up for the next mod etc. I only want to pay for things in full where I can (less than about $5000) after simply putting the money aside specifically for that.

I will say this: if I'm going to spend more than $5000 on a "mod," paint will not be my first choice. That money would go straight toward the SOS 3.8L upgrade.

I'd be perfectly happy with a silver car; if I prefer blue 10 times out of 10, then I'd prefer silver 9.x times out of 10.
I'd be perfectly happy with a silver car; if I prefer blue 10 times out of 10, then I'd prefer silver 9.x times out of 10.

Can you please re-phrase that sentence before Perry sees it?


well stay safe until you can come back and actually do this.
??? Who's Perry? And what does he care?

His username is WingZ and he is always looking for affirmation that his choice of a blue NSX was OK. :biggrin:
Don't rush into finding a shop. Do your research first. Most of you guys know what happened to me with Legenadry Motorcar. I saw these jokers on speed vision, and thought the job would be impecable, boy was I wrong. I finally found another shop that was local only an hour drive away. Redz collision did an incredible job on my car, from stripping the old material off the car, to painting the car like it was done at the factory. Painting the car in pieces, painting all the fender bolts after fenders are tightened, and most importantly no runs or drips in the paint. ( Maybe LEGENDARY charged me extra for that):mad: Moral of my story is be very careful, find some one local that you can check on the car as much as you would like, and get everything in writing first. Frank
if you're buying an older nsx, be sure you keep some money set aside for regular maintenance..... which can sometimes run up to 2g's, depending on what you have to do/get done.

black would be the best color to buy if you're going to repaint. it won't look awkward if you have some black against the blue, actually it looks really good.

if i were you, i'd also look for an ivory interior..... would look killer with the LBBP, and nobody else (or very very few people) would have a LBBP / Ivory... actually, i would like to paint my car LBBP, but i'm not spending 7500 bucks to do that :wink:
Food for thought,

Painting a new color raises a red flag if you decide to sell it down the road. Even if the car is not wrecked, many buyers will assume something happened. Personally, I would not consider purchasing a used repainted NSX no matter how clean its carfax history. I think Monaco Blue is gorgeous even though mine is Silver. If you do repaint it blue, make sure it's a keeper. Good luck.