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Good track wheels

8 October 2006
Toronto, Canada
R there any tires that r good on the track with the tire size 215/35/18 & 275/30/19. I am currently running on Dunlop Direzza tire and it not very good on track.

Thanks for any info. I know there are more choices when i go up to 225 area and 17" & 18" respectively, but I just don't have space for another set of rims.

Peter, do you have DZ101 or the Z1 star spec, IMO, HUGE difference. it's like comparing a civic Si to a nsx.
fwiw, I hate tire manufacturer's putting tires in same name, kudos to marketing.

if you already have the Z1 and you think it's crappy, it's mainly due to your tire size. IMO, the Z1 is very closed to R compound performance right out of bat.

I do recommend you invest in a set of 17.18, not only it's easier to get tires, more rubber/side wall for turning. track rims do see more abuse: you sure don't want to scratch your nice #$4000 wheels when you barely touch the cones or just track debris.
Peter, do you have DZ101 or the Z1 star spec
He has the Dunlop Direzza DZ101. The Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec doesn't come in either of the sizes he mentioned.

I am not aware of any R compound tires or any of the supersticky street tires (e.g. Z1 Star Spec) in 18"/19" sizes to fit the NSX. The only really good top-of-the-line tire available is the Pirelli PZero Nero, which you can get in 215/35-18 and 275/30-19. It's not specifically designed for track use like those other tire types, but at least it will give you better performance than the DZ101, which is more of a budget/value-oriented summer tire.
im not an expoert on nsx tire sizing but common sense tells me 215 front/275 rear would most likely give you some extra understear, if you can make room for a set of track wheels just pick up some enkei rpf1 17x8.5 and 17x9.5 with some 235 40 17 and 275 40 17 toyo r888's a nudge over 200 each, or if you want just a decent track tire falken azenis in that same size id assume are slightly cheaper than the toyo r888's but the azenis are also very street freindly.

like said before your current tire sizes are not typical racing tire sizes