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Half Million $ NSX

2 January 2003
Victoria, BC
This from Autoweek...

Honda’s flagship NSX-R sports car gets a race car treatment and a price tag to match. Due to the considerable changes to this year’s Japan Grand Touring Championship GT-500 NSX race car, Honda had to build five homologation NSX-R GT road cars to satisfy rules set by the governing body.

A cool ¥50 million ($466,600) is the price tag for this full carbon fiber-bodied road car, which features longer front and rear fascias and an F1-style scoop to direct air to the mid-mounted V6 engine. Production starts in August and, sorry, all five cars are already spoken for.


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Animate said:
Production starts in August and, sorry, all five cars are already spoken for.

I think the only ones who will be sorry are the owners! :biggrin:
The scoop and front splitter may be a bit much for a street car, but it would be great if Honda made those Carbon Fibre panels accessible to us.
Maybe as a little bonus if you buy one u get a real GT500 NSX turbo? :biggrin:
What I can't understand is (besides the silly price tag) is why the "Z06" style side scoops if it has a hatch scoop for ram air into the engine?
As it was already discussed in one of the other threads: The roof scoop is completely unfunctional - so the side scoops are really in use. All those things where attached to fulfill the homologation of the JGTC NSX - so the need of the race car (where the hatch scoop is functional) was the measure.
I didn't realize this was a repost. I did a search beforehand.... used the wrong terms I guess.

Is it only the bodywork that's unique, or has something been done to the powertrain?
NSX-Racer said:
Is this the 3rd or 4th thread about the same car in the last 4 weeks? :confused:

(You may also read this post as: NSXPrime is faster than most car mags...)

NSX-Racer said:
Okay, here's a few links for you: here or here or here - you my find all infos in one of those previous threads I hope. If not, someone will open a 5th or 6th thread about the same car next week :biggrin:

Thank you NSX-Racer! You beat me to it!

Now if we tip-toe away from this thread really quietly we might not wake up the Forum Nazi... :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
This NSX may not have the graceful lines of the regular production version, but considering the reason for it's development I don't think it's too bad.

Other companies have produced 'special' street vehicles to qualify features for racing. Take this beauty for example....please. :)


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