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has mine timing belt been changed?

2 January 2004
Seattle, WA

Theres Mitsuboshi inprint on my timing belt, is Mitsuboshi the brand/company that makes OEM timing belt for NSX?
I need to know because I have no idea if mine timing belt's been changed or not and it just hit 110 K recently, getting a bit worried!!

Is there a way to tell? I'll check my T-belt later for the Mitsuboshi logo. I'm at 55k ok my 92.
ooopps, sorry I was looking at the wrong one
I guess I can't check my timingbelt unless I open the timingbelt cover.
Sorry my bad!!
Its pretty simple.
If you have no evidence that the previous owner changed the belt, backed up with an invoice, you just have to do a belt change. NOW.
Looking at the belt says nothing, i have seen belts 10 years old, looking like new.
thanks for the reply,
I will schedule for a timing belt next week, just to get the butterflies out of my stomach!!
Re: has my timing belt been changed?

Just a comment here. After I bought my NSX, I had it in for service and wanted to know if the timing belt needed to be replaced. (I didn't have an invoice indicating that the work had been done previously, although I had checked with at least one Acura dealership which had serviced the car before I owned it.) According to the service tech, the timing belt had been changed before. Normally, when the timing belt is serviced it is prudent to also change the water pump, and then they install a new timing belt cover which has a relocated drainage hole. So a visual inspection of which timing belt cover is installed would indicate whether you have the original timing belt cover, indicating that the belt has never been changed, or a replacement timing belt cover, indicating that the timing belt had been serviced. I don't believe this applies to all model years, however, so a search on "Timing belt cover" in the forums section might yield further information.